Saturday, 4 May 2013

...With Flowers In My Hair!..

I don't know about you ladies but I am DIGGING flower headpieces this summer!
Whats more beautiful than a wreath of flowers in your hair on a sunny summer evening?
Not a fan?.. These stunning editorial shots might change your mind...

I've been meaning to get my hands on one for a while now, but being a broke student hasn't helped! So I've made do with the hairband my sister wore on her first holy communion, 16 years ago! 
Hey at least it has sentimental value!
It's not as dramatic as I'd like but hey, it does the job!

After having a nice browse on the web the headpiece that stood out the most for me, and is now at the top of my wish list, is this stunning rose crown from Dolly Bow Bow Boutique, Roses are my absolute favourite thing in the world and in that colour, of wow!

What do you ladies think of this trend? Are you brave enough to try it?

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