Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thornhill Coin Pendants...

Ahhh yet another addition to my wishlist.. 
I came across these whimsical, witty little coin pendants yesterday and just fell in love!
I had never heard of Thornhill jewellery, but I've become a huge fan overnight after reading that all of their pieces are made from recycled and up-cycled materials such as coins and cutlery.
Their coin pendants are my absolute favourite, and ranging from £35 - £120 they won't burn the biggest of holes in your pocket..
Not only that, you can also customise your pendant, changing the type of coin, date on the coin and specific design. These pendants would make a fabulous, sentimental gift for someone special!
*Hint hint mum and dad...

This last one is my favourite! It's so enchanting and would add the perfect touch of magic to any outfit!
What do you ladies think of these charming pendants? Which one would you go for?


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  1. These are so unusual and pretty, I really like the first one and the cut-out rose.Thanks for stopping by.. Hope you have a positive and productive week ahead!


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