Thursday, 26 September 2013

Avicii for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

As you've probably guessed, I love fashion!.. Something you might not have guessed is that I love music just as much, so when they're combined my spine tingles just a little...
Now I wouldn't be the biggest fan of Avicii, (said in my hipsteriest voice), But I'm digging the collaboration between Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren and the young Swedish DJ. The fall looks include chequered shirts, denim jeans and who can forget the beaut that is The Beanie Hat. The collection has a very farm-like, bohemian swagger to it and I think Avicii suits the roll perfectly!
Not only is he featured in the ad campaign but his video for 'Wake Me Up', directed by Mark Seliger, features not only the models from the campaign but is also decked out completely in Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren.

For more about the fabulous collection check out the official website here!

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