Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween from the Unicorn!

God I miss the days when we were young enough to trick or treat.
I've been a bit of a Halloween grinch this year. I went out on Sunday night for my best friends going away party, the club was doing a fancy dress night. A serious lack of money and time made for dressing up to be a difficult task. I knew I wanted to be a Unicorn so I went ahead and paper mache'd myself a horn, then painted it silver with blue glitter swirls and attached a ribbon to it. Unfortunately I forgot about the fact that unicorns have ears... and tails.. but anyways... I had my eye on a stunning, simple white dress in American Apparel, but when it came down to it I just couldn't afford to buy it and ended up going for an oversized white dress that I picked up in a Topshop sale years ago and never got around to wearing. I done white makeup with loads of highlighter and even had glittery lips, but the two bottles of hairspray (one blue, and one white) that I purchased in Claire's accessories decided that they just didn't want to work.. so I ended up having to use baby powder to make my hair a little whiter than usual. A last minute decision before I dashed out of the house was to cut a pair of my fluffy socks and wear them over my shoes, as I didn't feel like a real unicorn yet!

All in all my costume didn't go as I'd originally planned, but hey I tried didn't I? 
I'm now lying in bed contemplating weather to go out tonight or not, but to be honest, the whole dressing up thing is putting me off! If I do it'll have to be a very last minute, home made outfit again!
What are you ladies doing tonight? Will you be dressing up?

P.s. On the night I got a little... well a lot drunk.. and this is the hilarious after pic...

Well, I guess no horn stays up forever!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2013

Sometimes, especially during these cold winter months, I feel a little empty void in the pit of my stomach. I feel the October blues. Summer is over, the sun has well and truly left us and it's hard for me to accept. Today, for a brief moment, I came up with a solution to this problem, maybe what I need in life is a boyfriend.. It seemed so legitimate, until a few hours ago when I stumbled upon some pictures of this stunning collection.. and I realized... who needs men when you have couture?

In this case the first and last are my favourite. I just adore the black, sheer, lacy slip in the first picture, and the full length gold patterned circle skirt (dress) with a red velvet top is just stunning!
For me Valentino is one of the kings of Haute Couture and can do no wrong!
What do you think of this collection? Which one is your favourite?

I have a very exciting giveaway coming up, I'll be posting it on the 1st of December so be sure to stay tuned, My fellow Lushies will love this one ;)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Walker Evans Photography...

I love looking at pretty pictures, and spend an embarrassing fraction of my time surfing the web, pinning and as some would call it, creeping on beautiful things. Sometimes though, I find myself more intrigued by reality, by photo's of events that are occurring and have occured around the world, weather it's war, famine or catastrophe, because I truly beleive that some of the most powerful of photographs's were captured at the most terrible of times.
Walker Evans is an American photographer, most famous for documenting the devastating effects of The Great Depression during World War II.

This last photo, although I couldn't find a very good quality version, is my favourite. It portrays a mother with her children clinging on to her, hiding their faces from the camera. She look so helpless and afraid for not only her own, but probably her childrens lives too.
What do you think of these photo's? Which one evokes the most emotions for you?

Just to end the post on a happier note, my lovely cousin is holding an Inglot giveaway on her Facebook page which includes a free makeover for Christmas! You can check it out here!


Saturday, 26 October 2013


I am absolutely in Love with this princess inspired editorial photographed by  Jakub Gulyas..

clothes: Lenka Sršňová
make-up & hairstyle: Aneta Nyariová
model: Exit MM
photo: Jakub Gulyás

Friday, 25 October 2013

Lush Wishlist!

Working in Lush has me longing for a new hair and skincare regime! 
For once in my life my skin is in great condition and I want to keep it that way, my hair on the other hand is a different kettle of fish.. To start with; I haven't had it cut in months, I haven't had it coloured in years and the use of my heated waving wand (at the highest heat) almost every other day has it dried out, not to mention the product build up I'm suffering from the use of oils, heat protectants and supermarket brand hairspray. So when the store isn't busy, I've been wandering around smelling, demoing and taking home testers of the products that will work for me, here they are:

1. Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
I've really been seeing how effective Lush's fresh cleansers are as I demo them on the hands of each customer. They're usually shocked at the difference between both hands afterwards, the demo hand being much cleaner, brighter and balanced. My skin has been acting lovely lately and I only suffer the odd spot before T.O.M. Angels on Bare Skin is therefore perfect for me. A more gentle cleanser with a light scrub, it contains beautiful ingredients such as rose absolut to take down redness, Lavender for a lovely scent and as a natural antiseptic and chamomile blue to even out your skin tone and leave you glowing. The trick with Lush's gloopy cleansers is to add a little water before applying to create a nice paste, plaster on your face and wash off with a wet cloth or your hands.

2. Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water
I've never been a fan of toning as it's usually too harsh on my skin, but Breath of fresh air is light and refreshing with gentle ingredients such as seawater, seaweed and aloe gel to remove any excess cleanser you may have left behind and to lock in moisture. Another great tip with these toner waters is that they can be sprayed on your pillow before bed to act as an anti-bacterial. A lot of people suffer from breakouts due to a buildup of sweat, dead skin and makeup on their pillow case so a squirt of this before sleepy time is a great trick!

3. Gorgeous Moisturiser 
During training we were told that the creator of Gorgeous had originally been commissioned to create a cream for Lady Diana herself, and I was immediately sold! It's one of the more expensive moisturisers of the bunch but is great for breakouts, scarring and soft, baby-like skin. Containing six different plant oils, orange blossom honey water and zesty fruits such as orange, pineapple and lemon for their enzymic properties, Gorgeous is a luxurious and effective cream!

4. You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt
Lush's bath melts were designed to melt in the bath, colouring the water and creating a heavily scented, super moisturising experience. You've Been Mangoed is a refreshing wake up call with ingredients like avocado, mango and cocoa butter. 

5. Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar
Despite the broken, dried bottoms of my hair, my roots remain oily as ever and I'm forced to wash it every other day. Jumping Juniper contains Juniperberry oil to get rid of greasiness and add shine and bounce and is infused with rosemary and lavender so that your hair smells heavenly all day long. For anyone that hasn't tried Lush's solid shampoo bars I definitely recommend them. They're great value for money and just E7.20 and last sixty washes, not to mention that there's one for pretty much every hair type out there including a volume one, one for people who suffer from dandruff and one for hair growth.

6. Caca Brun Henna
I've been eyeing up the henna bars for quite some time now and have finally decided that they're just what I need! I never change my natural, brown hair colour but used to get a chocolate brown semi every few months, just to give it that richness and shine. Taking into account the condition my hair is in right now, I feel like if I put any chemical dyes in it, it will crack right off and I'll end up bald! Irish moss powder, nettle powder, Indigo herb and the finest persian henna create a beautiful rich brown and you can leave it in for as long as you want depending on the desired effect. Lush Henna is made to be melted like chocolate, left in your hair and va va voom, a healthy alternative to dying!

 7. Santa Baby Lip Tint
Mac's Ruby Woo is my go to lipstick for a super pigmented red lip, but mac's prices have me in search of a cheaper alternative that I can wear to work every day, and Santa Baby is perfect! It's just as pigmented, but cocoa butter based so it keeps your lips moisturised whilst making them look kissable as ever!

8. Buffy Body Butter
Ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans make for the perfect, buffering body butter. I love the fact that it's solid and it smells like suncream, so that you can smell like sun, sand and sea all day long!

9. Ocean Salt Body Scrub
 I need to add some sort of exfoliator to my regime and sea salt, coconuts and lime are the perfect combination of gentle ingredients to get rid of any dead skin leaving you squeaky clean and polished with a beachy scent.

10. American Cream conditioner
I don't care what effects this one has on your hair, if it dyes it puke green I probably still wouldn't care because the strawberry and vanilla milkshake scent has me hypnotised and brainwashed. I need this conditioner in my life. Now. 

So that's everything I need, now the countdown begins until my first pay-day.. It's going to be a long, difficult wait but I know already (from sampling them in store while I'm bored) that I'm going to adore each and every product on this list. 
What Lush products are you ladies dying to get your hands on?
If you need any advice or have any questions about the skincare or haircare regime that might suit you, just leave a comment and I can help you choose :)


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shirley Buchan Amazing Knits!

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese art of impermanence, or in English, it states that nothing lasts, nothing is perfect, and nothing is finished. This caught my attention in a History of Costume lecture, and whilst furthering my research into it I came across some beautiful, wabi sabi inspired creations by Scottish textile Designer Shirley Buchan. Hard as it is to believe, these dresses fall under the category of knitwear! Such amazing detail and craftmanship have gone into these pieces.
What can I say, I'm in awe of her work!

I haven't been able to find an official website for Shirley, but you can check out her profile on arts thread here!


Monday, 21 October 2013

Lush: Golden Wonder

My name is Serena and I'm a Lush-aholic... again.


I used to happily spend an embarrassing sum of my wages on bath bombs, bubble bars and all things Lush, but when I moved to Florence last year, despite having a very stylish Italian Lush nearby, I was too broke of a student to afford to treat myself to the organic goodness, and the fact that my apartment had no baths didn't help. I'm back in Ireland now though, and I've luckily landed myself a job in Lush, with this, comes a few free treats! *yaaaaaaaaaaay!*

The first of these treats being the Golden Wonder Bath bomb from the Christmas range which I just used!
Now I recall using this product before, and falling in absolute LOVE with it, I don't recall why I didn't blog about it, so here's my chance.

One of the bigger bath bombs, Golden wonder is in the shape of a present with a bow and a sparkling gold dust on the outside, It rattles when you shake it which I love! When the bomb is added to hot water it immediately begins to fizz and turn the water a molten gold colour.

Then, Surprise, the inside reveals a rich blue colour which begins turning the water turquoise. Pink specks and tiny stars float about and eventually dissolve into a shimmering gold which, combined with the blue makes a stunning visual effect, I almost forgot myself in there thinking I was floating in the mediterranean. 

Excuse the photo heaviness of this post, but it's difficult to describe such beauty in words!
As for the scent, well just like everything else in Lush it's divine! It's heavily perfumed and contains cognac oil which heats and moisturises your skin. I can't describe how soft I am right now, I didn't even feel the need to moisturise afterwards, surprisingly it's also worked wonders on the bottoms of my feet by softening all signs of dry skin. As it says on the website, 'It's not a bath, it's an event!' and unlike other events I've attended it requires very little cleaning up afterwards, It barely stains the bath and the shimmering gold doesn't stick. Golden wonder has jumped to the top of my lush favourites list and there it shall remain... until I get my next pay-check that is!

Check out Golden Wonder on the Lush Website here!


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Margaret Layton's Fabulous Jacket

Do you ever see a beautiful article of clothing in a magazine, or on tv that you just need in your life? When I do it usually provokes a hunt, a hunt through every store I know to find this piece, or preferably, a cheaper version.
I often go on these hunts, and I hate to sound cocky, but I almost always succeed, because once that perfect pair of stiletto's, fashion forward coat or interestingly cut top is in my mind, I won't sleep until it's mine!
Unfortunately for me, I've just waved goodbye to sleep after falling in love with this jacket!
Made in 1610, During La Belle Epoque of course!, not much is known about the piece, or the lady that was portrayed wearing it, Margaret Layton. All that's know is that she must have been pretty important, as the jacket is said to be imported from Italy. The jacket is made of coloured silks and is covered in silver-gilt braid embroideries in the form of leaves, insects, fruits and flowers. It has hook and eye closures and the edging of spangled silver-gilt bobbin lace was added ten years after it was made. It is currently on display alongside the painting in the Victoria & Albert museum.
...and here I sit, awaiting the day that Topshop or Zara release a piece like this!


Friday, 18 October 2013

Angela Friedman Vintage Lingerie

I never indulge in nice Lingerie.
I'm a single lady and hoping to stay that way,  for as long as I can, so there's never been any reason for me to spend my blips on sexy undergarments and dress up goodies. I can count the amount of matching sets I own on one hand and am lucky if I even find a matching pair of socks in my undie drawer these days! I do however hope that the future me is a stylish, rich, business woman who enjoys splurging ridiculous amounts of money on luxurious, lacy knickers.

For those of you who enjoy Lingerie, Angela Friedmans Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a must see! Angela is a Lingerie and Loungewear designer who has four years of running the ladies department of the costume shop for the New York City ballet under her belt. Drawing inspiration from this her designs involve the use of metallic brocades, French laces and intricate hand embroidery.

'This line emphasizes beauty and indulgence, and its hourglass silhouettes and draped silks are designed to evoke a vintage feel within a modern aesthetic. These feminine designs offer women an opportunity to indulge in their own fairytale fantasy, feeling confident and looking radiant. By encompassing both worlds of practicality and frivolity, the line is sure to please even the most particular shopper!'

To learn more about Angela or to check out more of her fabulous designs check out her official website  here!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Paul Cesar Helleu

La Belle Epoque was an era of beauty, Optamism, Peace, new technology and scientific discoveries in France and Belgium that began in 1871 and ended at the start of World War 1in 1914. The peace and prosperity allowed all forms of art such as literature, music, theatre and painting to flourish. French born Paul Cesar Helleu was an oil painter, pastel artist, drypoint etcher and designer who spent this period creating beautiful portraits of high society women.

I've just joined Instagram, I haven't completely figured it out just yet but if you'd like to follow my username is SERENAREBEL93..
I've also deleted my old Twitter (as I didn't really use it) and created a new one from scratch, so I'm now trying to build my followers back up, follow here!


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