Friday, 18 October 2013

Angela Friedman Vintage Lingerie

I never indulge in nice Lingerie.
I'm a single lady and hoping to stay that way,  for as long as I can, so there's never been any reason for me to spend my blips on sexy undergarments and dress up goodies. I can count the amount of matching sets I own on one hand and am lucky if I even find a matching pair of socks in my undie drawer these days! I do however hope that the future me is a stylish, rich, business woman who enjoys splurging ridiculous amounts of money on luxurious, lacy knickers.

For those of you who enjoy Lingerie, Angela Friedmans Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a must see! Angela is a Lingerie and Loungewear designer who has four years of running the ladies department of the costume shop for the New York City ballet under her belt. Drawing inspiration from this her designs involve the use of metallic brocades, French laces and intricate hand embroidery.

'This line emphasizes beauty and indulgence, and its hourglass silhouettes and draped silks are designed to evoke a vintage feel within a modern aesthetic. These feminine designs offer women an opportunity to indulge in their own fairytale fantasy, feeling confident and looking radiant. By encompassing both worlds of practicality and frivolity, the line is sure to please even the most particular shopper!'

To learn more about Angela or to check out more of her fabulous designs check out her official website  here!


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