Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fashion Icon: Michael Stipe

October is here and what can I say, I am well and truly frozen already!
To begin the new month I decided to take a look at a male fashion icon for a change.

Michael Stipe, Lead singer of R.E.M, is to me the most fashion forward and well dressed man in the world! During my second semester of Fashion school I was asked to design my first menswear collection, for men between the ages of 40 and 60. I hadn't a clue about how to dress men, especially not the middle aged kind, so our teacher instantly advised us to research Stipe, and this is where my infatuation began. His style is bold and out there, he's great at accessorising and isn't afraid to add a big scarf or wear bold mismatching colors. He can rock a funky panda hat and still manage to spruce up in a sexy, well fitted suit for red carpet events. All of this and so musically talented too! Remind me again why all the good ones are gay??


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