Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween from the Unicorn!

God I miss the days when we were young enough to trick or treat.
I've been a bit of a Halloween grinch this year. I went out on Sunday night for my best friends going away party, the club was doing a fancy dress night. A serious lack of money and time made for dressing up to be a difficult task. I knew I wanted to be a Unicorn so I went ahead and paper mache'd myself a horn, then painted it silver with blue glitter swirls and attached a ribbon to it. Unfortunately I forgot about the fact that unicorns have ears... and tails.. but anyways... I had my eye on a stunning, simple white dress in American Apparel, but when it came down to it I just couldn't afford to buy it and ended up going for an oversized white dress that I picked up in a Topshop sale years ago and never got around to wearing. I done white makeup with loads of highlighter and even had glittery lips, but the two bottles of hairspray (one blue, and one white) that I purchased in Claire's accessories decided that they just didn't want to work.. so I ended up having to use baby powder to make my hair a little whiter than usual. A last minute decision before I dashed out of the house was to cut a pair of my fluffy socks and wear them over my shoes, as I didn't feel like a real unicorn yet!

All in all my costume didn't go as I'd originally planned, but hey I tried didn't I? 
I'm now lying in bed contemplating weather to go out tonight or not, but to be honest, the whole dressing up thing is putting me off! If I do it'll have to be a very last minute, home made outfit again!
What are you ladies doing tonight? Will you be dressing up?

P.s. On the night I got a little... well a lot drunk.. and this is the hilarious after pic...

Well, I guess no horn stays up forever!


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