Monday, 21 October 2013

Lush: Golden Wonder

My name is Serena and I'm a Lush-aholic... again.


I used to happily spend an embarrassing sum of my wages on bath bombs, bubble bars and all things Lush, but when I moved to Florence last year, despite having a very stylish Italian Lush nearby, I was too broke of a student to afford to treat myself to the organic goodness, and the fact that my apartment had no baths didn't help. I'm back in Ireland now though, and I've luckily landed myself a job in Lush, with this, comes a few free treats! *yaaaaaaaaaaay!*

The first of these treats being the Golden Wonder Bath bomb from the Christmas range which I just used!
Now I recall using this product before, and falling in absolute LOVE with it, I don't recall why I didn't blog about it, so here's my chance.

One of the bigger bath bombs, Golden wonder is in the shape of a present with a bow and a sparkling gold dust on the outside, It rattles when you shake it which I love! When the bomb is added to hot water it immediately begins to fizz and turn the water a molten gold colour.

Then, Surprise, the inside reveals a rich blue colour which begins turning the water turquoise. Pink specks and tiny stars float about and eventually dissolve into a shimmering gold which, combined with the blue makes a stunning visual effect, I almost forgot myself in there thinking I was floating in the mediterranean. 

Excuse the photo heaviness of this post, but it's difficult to describe such beauty in words!
As for the scent, well just like everything else in Lush it's divine! It's heavily perfumed and contains cognac oil which heats and moisturises your skin. I can't describe how soft I am right now, I didn't even feel the need to moisturise afterwards, surprisingly it's also worked wonders on the bottoms of my feet by softening all signs of dry skin. As it says on the website, 'It's not a bath, it's an event!' and unlike other events I've attended it requires very little cleaning up afterwards, It barely stains the bath and the shimmering gold doesn't stick. Golden wonder has jumped to the top of my lush favourites list and there it shall remain... until I get my next pay-check that is!

Check out Golden Wonder on the Lush Website here!


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