Sunday, 20 October 2013

Margaret Layton's Fabulous Jacket

Do you ever see a beautiful article of clothing in a magazine, or on tv that you just need in your life? When I do it usually provokes a hunt, a hunt through every store I know to find this piece, or preferably, a cheaper version.
I often go on these hunts, and I hate to sound cocky, but I almost always succeed, because once that perfect pair of stiletto's, fashion forward coat or interestingly cut top is in my mind, I won't sleep until it's mine!
Unfortunately for me, I've just waved goodbye to sleep after falling in love with this jacket!
Made in 1610, During La Belle Epoque of course!, not much is known about the piece, or the lady that was portrayed wearing it, Margaret Layton. All that's know is that she must have been pretty important, as the jacket is said to be imported from Italy. The jacket is made of coloured silks and is covered in silver-gilt braid embroideries in the form of leaves, insects, fruits and flowers. It has hook and eye closures and the edging of spangled silver-gilt bobbin lace was added ten years after it was made. It is currently on display alongside the painting in the Victoria & Albert museum.
...and here I sit, awaiting the day that Topshop or Zara release a piece like this!



  1. Oh my god how beautiful is this?! It's so extravagant.. well of course it is!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Topshops release for you haha!

    Love Elisse x
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