Thursday, 10 October 2013

Songs I want to hear in Heaven

Before you ask, yes I am a freak! haha
I love music and have tons of playlists based on random things..
Take my Gates of Heaven playlist for example.. which is based on the kind of songs I want to hear as I'm strolling through  those shining gates, among the big white clouds, cigarette in one hand and a can in the other... Dang I'm classy!.. or more casually, chilled out, beautiful and thought evoking songs!

The Chemical Brothers - Hanna's Theme

Being my favourite people in the world, of course The Chemical Brothers earned a spot on this list, if not inspired the whole thing with their magical tunes! This song is from the amazing Soundtrack to the movie 'Hanna', If you haven't heard it I'd definitely recommend it, even if your not big into electronic music, the songs are so interesting and intense!

Brian Eno - An Ending

If ambient music is more up your street you'll dig this fabulous piece of music by Brian Eno.
Close your eyes, imagine yourself floating through the clouds... are you getting where I'm going here with this playlist? Seriously though, a song that can evoke such strong emotions, even from a heartless ice queen like myself,  is my kind of thing!

Mt. Wolf - Life Size Ghosts

This stunning song by Mt. Wolf, a band who blend base, folktronic, indie R & B along with classically inspired vocals, is just amazing! I had a little fight with myself over weather to post the original, or the Catching Flies Remix which is just as beautiful! 

M83 - Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun

A lot of M83's fantastic songs could be placed on this list, but my favourite at the moment is Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun. I came across it in the film, Life Is Good, where Dakota Fanning plays a young girl facing cancer. It's an Epic film with an even more Epic soundtrack and without spoiling it for anyone, the song was so perfect for the scene it was in.. 

I hope you ladies enjoy these songs :)



  1. haha you are not a freak at all! & if you are then I'm 100% one with you! My library of music is insane, it's literally so different but I like what I like! xx

    1. I'm the same :) Literally whatever makes me happy! I have such a random taste in music! x


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