Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Walker Evans Photography...

I love looking at pretty pictures, and spend an embarrassing fraction of my time surfing the web, pinning and as some would call it, creeping on beautiful things. Sometimes though, I find myself more intrigued by reality, by photo's of events that are occurring and have occured around the world, weather it's war, famine or catastrophe, because I truly beleive that some of the most powerful of photographs's were captured at the most terrible of times.
Walker Evans is an American photographer, most famous for documenting the devastating effects of The Great Depression during World War II.

This last photo, although I couldn't find a very good quality version, is my favourite. It portrays a mother with her children clinging on to her, hiding their faces from the camera. She look so helpless and afraid for not only her own, but probably her childrens lives too.
What do you think of these photo's? Which one evokes the most emotions for you?

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