Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dresses to Die for: Controversial Skin Showers!

I love a good dress, and find evening wear to be my favorite category to design for!
Nothing get's me more excited than a bit of controversy and shock value in the fashion industry.. so here are three dresses that turned a few heads in their time.

The Topless Dress

1970 was the time of an emerging new wave of feminist thinking and questioning of gender roles in society.. Viennese-born Rudy Gernreich chose a pretty bad time to design the jaw dropping topless dress.. it was seen as highly insulting and the perfect example of men designing for women with the sole purpose of objectification. Although it did demonstrate that fashion still had the power to shock, most viewers seen it as a sexist cheap shot.

Chers Moonstruck Dress

Hollywood Designer Bob Mackie, also known as the Sultan of Sequins, was known for designing some of Chers most controversial outfits.. including the masterpiece she wore to accept her Oscar in 1988 for her role in Moonstruck. Gasps and whoops were heard as she approached the stage in a fringed, feminine and deliberately provocative see-through dress. Unlike the youth of today, cough cough Miley, Cher was not an attention seeking teen looking to make a few headlines, she was a mature woman feeling comfortable in showing off her beautiful body that she'd probably worked hard on. I think she pulled it off!

Elizabeths Safety Pin Dress

Last, but not at all least, is a dress that demonstrated perfectly the power of fashion in the 1990s by Gianni Versace. A plunging neckline, oversized golden safety pins and the flash of a camera were all it took to broadcast this dress around the world and change Elizabeth Hurleys career. A combination of Punk, old fashioned film star glamour and what some would see as postmodern porn star glamour launched a whole new approach to dressing on the red carpet. Complete with untamed eyebrows, untethered hair and a bust almost falling out of the gown, Hurley showed the paps just how much she didn't give a sh*t!

What are your opinions on these dresses?  


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