Saturday, 2 November 2013

How to wear: The Slip Dress

Slip dresses took over fashion week this fall, from Louis Vuittons intricately embellished versions being layered with exquisite fur coats to Yvesaintlaurent who opted for the translucent kind. They've vastly become something every girl needs in their wardrobes!
 I'm not one of these girls that enjoys running out to the shops in my pyjamas, but I'm a massive fan of simplicity, sexiness and femininity so a slip dress is the perfect way to incorporate all three into my wardrobe! 
Slip dresses really are for everyone, and to prove this I spent last night browsing the web, I took four of my favourite high street stores and created my own interpretation of how to wear a slip dress.

Grunge style has been hitting the high street hard for the last couple of years, and I'm in love with it! So much that I actually plan on owning this outfit very soon, I already have the shoes and tights, I just need that fabulous jacquard printed slip dress (which comes in a great variety of colours might I add) to complete the look. A faux fur coat would replicate Louis Vuittons fall collection and to top it all off an edgy choker and some badass mid finger rings! I'd definitely sport this look for a night out or a gig.

Oh Zara, you've gone and done it again with a slip that's almost identical to the one shown in Yvesaintlaurents fall collection. It has lace finishings and a slit up the side and I'd definitely wear it with these strappy pointed shoes, a killer necklace and an oversized mens styled coat. A classy, oversized handbag would be perfect for the look and if your feeling extra nippy why not go for a furry hat?
I'd definitely wear this outfit for a dressy occasion like Christmas, or if I had a super swaggy job I'd wear it to work!

For a more Bohemian approach, where better to go than Free People? They've been stocking intricate and adorable slips for years and I'm in love with the one above. The oversized, patterned Kimono would be perfect with this, a few layered necklaces, some strappy boots and a pretty brown bag and voila, a Bohemian goddess in the making! This outfit is probably more suited to people who live in a hot climate, but if it were summer here in Ireland I'd definitely wear this to a barbecue!

I love going for the cosy, geeky look around this time of year, I also love mixing crazy prints and patterns. This adorable floral and lace slip can be made winter friendly with some wooly tights, a knitted hat and let's not forget an adorable, colourful, wooly Christmas jumper. This one is definitely for colour lovers and I'd opt to wear it for a day of Christmas shopping in town or to college. 

So these are my idea's of how to wear a slip, what do you think?
And most importantly, which one would you opt for?

If you'd like a link to any specific piece just leave a comment :)
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