Saturday, 16 November 2013

Paul Andrew Shoes

I'm beginning to feel that familiar tickle in my throat that always comes around this time of year!
I've been fighting it off with cinnamon and manuka honey and it's been keeping any signs of a cough at bay.. I'm going to see Queens of the Stone Age tomorrow and want my throat to be in perfect condition for shouting, cheering and binge drinking so if you ladies have any tips please do share!

In Spring 2013 came the debut of British born, new york based shoe designer Paul Andrew.
Now as many of you know, I'm a sucker for shoes, I'm also a sucker for fresh, new designers so I'm delighted to have come across this stunning collection!
With killer craftmanship, years of experience in the industry and the use of the finest materials, Andrew has truly put his mark on the fashion industry.
Here is a mix of my favorite shoes by the designer from all of his collections.
Check out the official website Here!

Which ones are your favourite? 
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