Friday, 29 November 2013

Wimples on the Runway!

Although the only people left wearing them are nuns in certain orders, wimples were a huge fashion statement in early medieval Europe. A garment worn around the neck and chin, the wimple was worn by married women as it was 'unseemly' to show their hair. The wimple may have died out in the 15th century when women began showing off their fancy braids, but some designers (in this century of course) are still trying to bring the wimple back.

In Spring/Summer 2010 trio Threeasfour showed a wimple in their curvilinear constructed collection..

In fall 2011 Yvesaintlaurent released a classy, modest collection, wimples and all!

And the lady herself, Victoria Beckham included a wimple in her neat, clean cut collection back in Autumn/Winter 2011

Nobody, however, took it as far as the (late) king of Avant Garde himself Alexander McQueen back in 2009 when he turned a scrapyard in Paris into modernly medieval spectacle!
Always one for elizabethian inspired looks, he took the wimple to a whole new level of Haute Couture!

What do you ladies think of Wimples? Will they ever hit the high street?
They'd come in handy for an auld bad hair day huh?
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