Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Presents: €10 Budget

Christmas presents for 10 euro

€10 is such a tough budget but this is a recession and It's understandable that sometimes you have to stick to small and sweet gifts,I'm working as a Christmas temp at the moment and am getting the world shittiest hours, I know how it feels to be broke and I know that a lot of people this Christmas will be lowering their budgets. So weather you've decided on a €10 budget with family and friends, or you have a Secret Santa coming up in work/school/college, here are a few lovely presents you can buy!

If you haven't heard of ELF (Eyes, Lips, Face) or MUA (Make up Academy), you need to check them out! They're two low cost makeup, great quality brands that are adored by most beauty bloggers and are available online and in selected drug stores (I don't think you can get them anywhere here in Ireland but online works just as well). The average price per product is £1-2, so you can throw in a lipstick, mascara, etc and they have some fabulous palettes, nail varnish and brush sets all for around the ten euro mark.

Although the media makes it out like socks are the worlds worst present that only someone as senile as your grandparents would ever purchase for you, I think they're a perfect gift on a tight budget! There's nothing I love more than wearing funky socks with my winter boots, they can completely funk up any outfit! Unfortunately when I'm struggling through my day to day chores and trying to get by on a pitiful wage, the last thing I'm going to even think about spending my money on is socks! So every year without fail I look forward to tearing through my Christmas stocking, oohing and ahhing at all the fluffy, fashionable socks my mum has purchased for me!  

In my eyes, you can never go wrong with a present from Lush. They're great for your Lushie, beauty product obsessed friends, a nice treat for your mum or grandma, and effortless for someone you don't really know like a KK in work or school. The thing about Lush is (I work there and see it a lot) everyone loves being pampered, even if they don't know it yet! If the person who receives the gift has never shopped there, after using a couple of products from their set, they'll most likely go back to scope it out for themselves, and within weeks will be addicted and spending impulsive amounts of their wages on bath products! Lush's gifts are wrapped beautifully already, saving you a few pennys and a lot of effort, and they have a great range of sets for under £10, or just a tiny bit over €10 in both their Christmas range and their all around gifts. Although you wouldn't think it, there's a set for everyones personality, so don't be afraid to ask for help from a shop assistants, we've been trained extensively in gifts and can help you pick out the perfect one based on the persons personality, hobbies and even star signs! And no, we are not paid on commission! We're actually just nice merry people that love Christmas!

My Giveaway is Officially over, how sad! Eloise is the winner so congrats :) 
I hope you'll enjoy your fab gift!


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