Sunday, 29 September 2013

Let Them Eat Lace!...

I've already ranted on about the amazing skills of photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina when I posted her Harajuku editorial... But I just had to share another of her fabulous collection of photographs called 'Let them eat lace'. Inspired by Marie Antoinette the photographs are styled to perfection with a pastelle colour palette, stunning powdered wigs and some truly royal looking jewels. Not to mention the stunning Lingerie and beautiful models. It actually reminds me of a classier Juicy Couture.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Avicii for Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

As you've probably guessed, I love fashion!.. Something you might not have guessed is that I love music just as much, so when they're combined my spine tingles just a little...
Now I wouldn't be the biggest fan of Avicii, (said in my hipsteriest voice), But I'm digging the collaboration between Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren and the young Swedish DJ. The fall looks include chequered shirts, denim jeans and who can forget the beaut that is The Beanie Hat. The collection has a very farm-like, bohemian swagger to it and I think Avicii suits the roll perfectly!
Not only is he featured in the ad campaign but his video for 'Wake Me Up', directed by Mark Seliger, features not only the models from the campaign but is also decked out completely in Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren.

For more about the fabulous collection check out the official website here!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Inspiration: African Fashion..

I couldn't sleep last night and ended up wandering into the magical, inescapable jungle that is Pinterest!
Looking for some fab new photo's for the facebook page I ended up typing in 'African Fashion'.
In all honesty, I was expecting to find some tribal, cultural pictures, but instead I was faced with a whole little world of fashion that I never would have thought to look into.
Before I knew it I was pinning some of the most amazingly vibrant, magnificently patterned, jaw dropping fashions.. and I just had to share some!

With so much fresh, African talent there's even an African Fashion week in London these days!
..and here I sit having studied Fashion for a year, and blogging about fashion most days, scratching my head and wondering how on earth I've been so oblivious to this?
I'm really interested in looking into this more, and am considering adding a temporary, 'Young African Fashion designer' feature to the blog, What do you ladies think?


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Artist: Leon Bakst

Ahhh Sunday, My mam has lasagne in the oven and I'm battling a horrific hangover...
A perfect time to enjoy some art!
Leon Bakst was an 18th century painter who was renowned for his set and costume design in the Russian Ballet. I'd absolutely love to design a collection based on his drawings! They're outrageous and pretty erotic for the times!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fashion Icon: Camille Clifford

Camille Clifford was a belgian born actress in the 1900s and was most famous for resembling 'The Gibson Girl' illustrations.Her style was defined by her stunning hourglass figure and her hair, which was always done in the coiffure style. She was known also for wearing long elegant gowns which wrapped around her tightly corseted 18 inch waist. Not your typical stick thin model, Camille oozed elegance and sex appeal thanks to her womanly curves!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Be My Samurai...

I just fell in love with this samurai inspired editorial from honor interview magazine that I spotted on Trendhunter.
 Model Megan Collison looks stylish, feminine and oh so powerful behind the lens of photographer Fabien Baron.  
The hair, makeup and styling are absolute perfection!


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Betsey Johnson S/S 2013: Colourful Madness!

Nothing like a pop of colour before winter well and truly kicks in. I'm currently sitting in my fluffly robe, enjoying a hot cup of tea and browsing through snaps of Sping/Summer 2013, (Am I in complete and utter denial that summer is over? Maybe..)
Betsey Johnsons collection is one that has managed to put a huge smile on my face, even during these hard times of wallowing in self pity! With an adventurous palette of vibrant colours and intriguing prints and trends including a mix of boheian and Japanese street mixed with Rock'n'roll, this collection just done it for me!
I love everything that Betsey creates, from her accessories to her clothes and even the hair and makeup choice for each model. Here's a runway flashback look at the Spring/Summer 2013 show.


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