Friday, 29 November 2013

Wimples on the Runway!

Although the only people left wearing them are nuns in certain orders, wimples were a huge fashion statement in early medieval Europe. A garment worn around the neck and chin, the wimple was worn by married women as it was 'unseemly' to show their hair. The wimple may have died out in the 15th century when women began showing off their fancy braids, but some designers (in this century of course) are still trying to bring the wimple back.

In Spring/Summer 2010 trio Threeasfour showed a wimple in their curvilinear constructed collection..

In fall 2011 Yvesaintlaurent released a classy, modest collection, wimples and all!

And the lady herself, Victoria Beckham included a wimple in her neat, clean cut collection back in Autumn/Winter 2011

Nobody, however, took it as far as the (late) king of Avant Garde himself Alexander McQueen back in 2009 when he turned a scrapyard in Paris into modernly medieval spectacle!
Always one for elizabethian inspired looks, he took the wimple to a whole new level of Haute Couture!

What do you ladies think of Wimples? Will they ever hit the high street?
They'd come in handy for an auld bad hair day huh?
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Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Lush Skincare Regime..

This day last year I was living in Florence and celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time ever with all of my American roommates. We don't celebrate the holiday here in Ireland by how I wish we did as there's nothing I'd love more now than a big slice of pumpkin pie! So happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my lovely followers!

Cleanse, tone, moisturize, Cleanse, tone, moisturize.. I've been through so many skincare regimes in my life but now I've found the one! I had never heard of Lush's Fresh facial cleansers until I got my job there, after seeing how they're freshly cut and potted in store and after sampling a few different ones Angels on Bare Skin was the one I loved most. I don't have a lot of trouble with my skin, I don't suffer from acne and am only bothered by a couple of spots when Tom comes around so I wanted something mild, that would help with my deathly complexion, dark circles and balance out my skin tone.

Angels on Bare Skin

If you don't already know, the face and body cleansers have a gloopy, bally consistency, to use simply grab a little bit, add some water to it and create a milky little paste. You really don't need a lot, my sample pot lasted me the best part of two weeks and now that I have the large tub it still looks almost untouched! Rub it all over your face, Angels has a lovely light scrub thanks to the almond shells which release the lovely almond milk when mixed with the water. This is great for toning and brightening! I like to leave mine on for a minute before washing it off so I can really feel the effects! Other ingredients include Kaolin which absorbs grease and gives a gentle cleanse, A sprinkle of lavender which activates, balances and is a little natural antiseptic, and topped off with some essential oils and vegetable glycerine for a face as soft as a babies bottom. The idea behind this fresh cleanser is that it's 'As gentle and beautiful as being kissed by Angels'. 100% natural ingredients leaves no room for chemicals and by taking away the water content preservatives could be dismissed! I'm in love with the earthy, lavender scent and the way my skin feels afterwards! I've been looking much more refreshed, my skin tone is lovely and balanced and I don't even feel the need to wear foundation to work anymore, yep you heard me, the girl that once refused to even go to the supermarket without foundation has stopped wearing it! A little bronzer, blush and mascara and I'm ready for my shift.. And the lack of face painting has meant more time in bed in the mornings or time for a nice cuppa before I run after the bus!

Breath of Fresh air Toner Water

Other toners used to be way too harsh for me, they irritated and dried out my skin a lot, so I wasn't too keen on buying one, but upon learning more about Lush's range I fell in love with them not only for their refreshing scent and ability to lock in moisture, but for the multiple things you can use them for!
-Breath of Fresh air, like any toner, can be used after cleansing to lock in moisture and remove any excess cleanser you might have left behind. It's also great after using a face mask to again remove any excess. For this I spray it on some cotton pads and massage into my face.

-You can use this toner any time throughout the day to waken or freshen yourself up. It contains sea water which makes your feel brand new!
-Continuing on from the last point the toner would be great for freshening up on a long flight when cabin pressure is drying out and dehydrating your face.
-It contains Patchouli, which is hated by bugs so it can also be used as a bug or mosquito repellant during the hot summer months.
-It also contains lavender which is great for helping you sleep, a few sprays on your pillow and you'll be on your way to the land of nod.
-It's also great as a pillow cleaner, A lot of people don't realize that a buildup of saliva (guilty, I drool like a bulldog!), dirt and makeup (because who takes their makeup off when they can hardly make it up the stairs) on your pillowcase can easily cause breakouts! So if you haven't had time to throw your pillowcase in the wash this week you can spritz some of this on as a light antiseptic.
-It's also great for cooling down sunburn and giving some extra moisture to the area.
-And lastly it contains the amazing ingredient that is Aloe Vera, so it's great for gently healing up acne scars or any scars you may have for that matter!
So not only is this a fantastic everyday cleanser with zero stinging, itching or irritation, it's also a great product to have for travelling!

Cosmetic Lad Moisturizer

This moisturizer was made with men in mind. It's great for lads to shave with or use after shaving. Despite it seeming very manly many girls swear by the stuff, and upon hearing the ingredients you'll see why! Aloe Vera again, any product that contains this cooling ingredient is a want for me, Fresh wheatgrass which is an antioxidant, Lavender water and honey which moisturizes and is a natural antiseptic and African marigold which has anti-redness and regenerative powers. The moisturizer isn't heavily scented but some tangerine and sandalwood essential oils give it a mildly zesty smell. I'm not a big fan of extremely heavy moisturizers and this one absorbs well into the skin without leaving a greasy layer. Oh, and did I mention that it's the cheapest of the bunch?

You can see these products and more on the Lush website here!
It's a little less than a month that I've been using these products and I have to say, my skin has never been better, I'm starting to remember why I became such a Lushie all those years ago, because products that give me satisfying end results like this are so worth a trip into the wonderful smelling realm that is Lush!
Have you ladies used any of the fresh cleansers, toner waters or moisturizers from lush? If so tell me all about them, how did you find them on your skin? Were your results as impressive as mine?
Also if you're thinking of splashing out on some and are not sure which to go for I can be of assistance! I've had to learn all about the products to sell them so just pop a comment with your skin type (Oily, dry, acne..) and I can give you some great recommendations on which to choose!

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stephane Rolland Haute Couture A/W 2011-2012

I've mentioned on my blog before how inspiring I find Samurai's...
Well apparently I'm not the only one, I've just come across this amazing Asian inspired collection by Stephane Rolland. Hanfu Kimono's, Origami and oriental traditions inspired the unbelievably detailed collection. Linear outlines are filled with ruffles, drapes, swarofski embellishments and metal applique. Movement and fluidity are captured perfectly through beautiful fabrics such as Taffeta, silk, grosgrain and wool.

The piece that stands out most to me is the unbelievably mechanically thought out robe.. How on earth can someone think of this in their mind let alone create it!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Dancing on My Own

My week is starting off with a bang as I'm heading to see The Naked and Famous tonight with my best friend! I received my first paycheck today and the result was a little less than displeasing.. let's just say I have no idea how I'm going to afford both Christmas presents and living for the month of December!
To take my mind off this I've been looking at pretty editorials all morning! 'Dancing on My Own' which was featured in Vogue Italia is the perfect balance of glamour and sportiness and I just love the glitter and party hats!

What do you ladies think of this editorial?
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Spring 2013

I'm a massive fan of vintage and anything, for that matter, that is inspired by the past!
For this reason I've fallen in love with young, Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko.
I've seen her name several times on vintage and costume loving blogs, but it wasn't until I looked into her myself that I realized how truly talented of a designer she is!
My favorite of her collections is inspired by America, and has a very 'Gone with the wind meets the Wizard of Oz' feel to it.
Her courage and lack of fear that the garments might look a little too costume-like is what makes each piece stand out among the masses of other designs.
Here are a few of my favorite looks:

 This last one is my favourite! I just love the popping green colour and the silhouette. It reminds me very much of Vivienne Westwood's take on the Watteau dress back in the nineties! Which look is your favourite? 


Friday, 22 November 2013

Lori Nix

I love photography, and I love art, and I love this artist because she specializes in both.
Lori Nix is a well known photographer who, rather than going out and finding her subject matter, actually constructs it herself. Using no digital manipulation whatsoever she deals with building materials, lighting, issues of scale and space all from her own tabletop.
My favorite of her collections is lost, quite simply because I actually get lost in each of the Images!

This last one is definitely my favourite! Which one do you like most?
See Lori's official website and more of her astounding work here!


Thursday, 21 November 2013

My most used phrases during winter!

Just a bit of an easy, breezy and hopefully a little humourous post today.
Winter is truly kicking in here in Ireland and while it has it's pro's.. (like wooly jumpers, cute hats, scarves and gloves and of course Christmas!) I always find myself focusing on it's cons.. I came up with this post sitting on the bus on my way home from work, some arsehole had decided it would be a good idea to open all of the windows, and I didn't want to be the loser that climbed over every old man, working woman and junkie to close them, so there I sat freezing my nips off, and thinking of all of my most commonly used phrases in the winter!

Illness related..

I've probably mentioned before that I have the shittiest immune system! Any bug going and I'll be sure to have it first!

'I'm feeling a bit congested..'
'Do we have any Manuka honey?'
'I'm feeling a bit congested.'
'Did you buy me Manuka honey?'
'Damn why does Manuka honey have to be so expensive?'
'Who ate all the Panadol?'
'Oh it was me..'
'Do we have any vicks?'
Can you get me some more Panadol?'
'I'm feeling a bit congested..'
'Ive a bit of a tickle in my throat.. and some congestion..'
'Cough, cough, phglem, cough..'
'Are you sure you can't get swine flu twice? I'm feeling a bit congested!'
'I'm definitely coming down with something..'
'Feel my head..'

Temperature related

'Is that window open?'
'Close the window!'
'I think I'm gonna take a nice hot bath.'
'Why is the window open?'
'Jaysus it's baltic isn't it?'
'I'm definitely gonna have a nice hot bath.'
'Dad I know this is a recession but COME ON!'
'I mean whats the use in having central heating on if it's never going to get used?'
'That's it, I'm taking the bath!'
'I'm gonna need more fluffy socks!'
'Will you close the door I'm getting a bit of a draft!'
'Jaysis my nipples are about to crumble into a million pieces and fall off!'
'Does this coat look weird over this coat?'
'Who has the hot water bottle?'
'Where are all my fluffy socks?'
'Mam I promise that if you buy me an electric blanket I'll be careful and not set myself or the house on fire!'
'Come on mam this is the 21st century! Who doesn't believe in electric blankets?'
'We have a fire alarm for a reason! Or do you keep that turned off like the central heating?'
'I don't care who judges me, I'm wearing my fluffy socks to work!'
'Do these fluffy socks looks weird with these boots?'
'I'm not actually fat, I'm simply wearing twelve layers..'

Christmas related...

'So whats Santa bringing you?'
'What are you getting off santy?'
'Mam can we make a Christmas cake this year?'
'It takes how long?'
'Mam I seen a christmas cake in Dunnes for a tenner.. Let's get it!'
'Here lads, are we doing KK this year, I'm broke like!'
'Ahh I'm not getting anything this year.. Recession yano?
'Mam can I get a phone for Christmas? And a camera, ipod, underwear, makeup, art supplies and maybe some Lush goodies..'
'Ooooh that would make a great stocking filler!'
'After all there's only 43 sleeps til Christmas..'
'I'm gonna buy all my presents early this year!'
'I'm gonna be really organized this year..'
'I've to get who a present? Sure I don't even know her that well..'
'A boy? Ah I'll just grab him an aftershave..'
'What are you gonna buy your boyfriend? A nice bottle of aftershave is your best bet!'
'Excuse me, what's your cheapest aftershave?'
'This smells like reindeer farts... I'll take it!'
'Dad, I know it's Christmas Eve, but I need you to bring me to town.. I haven't got presents for anyone!'
'I'm giving up smoking for the new year..'
'I'm going to start excercising in the new year..'
'I know I said I'd do it last year, but I'm definitely gonna start eating healthy this new year..'
'Mam can we stuff our own turkey this year like the people on the telly?'
'Mam where's your hand going?'
'Mam I don't think you should be doing that to the turkey!'
'Happy Birthday J-dawg..'
'We all need to take a step back and remember the real meaning of Christmas.. Food and lot's of it!'

So if you managed to get through this mental post I'd love to know if you agree with any of the above statements?
Enlighten me.. whats your most used phrase during the winter?
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