Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bonobos Menswear

I don't know about you ladies, but nothing tickles my fancy like a man in a well fitted suit, a warm knit or a printed shirt. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the tattooed, pierced, beanie wearers, but when it comes time to spruce up I expect to be charmed.

January is a formal month for me as I attend an annual Gala ball for charity, So it thought it fitting to mention, a menswear brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy and a superb customer experience. The brand launched online in 2007 and extended offline in 2011 launching guideshops and showrooms. 

Along with providing these slick, formal pieces the brand promises: 'World class fit, an innovative shopping experience and an energetic brand spirit.' 

Here are some of my favourite pieces, and just a little hint for any future partners, please dress like this! 

If You'd like to see more elegant pieces check out the official Bonobos website here!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pamper your back with Lush!

I don't mention my mammy much on this blog but today's post is based around her. She has been suffering from rheumatoide artheritis since her teens, this means she's got it all over and it flares up in different places such as her knee's, wrists or spine from time to time. Lately her back has been getting it the worst, she's a little OCD and sometimes overdoes it with the cleaning, when this happens her back usually gives out on her, and in the past she's even managed to slip a few discs. Now she's on medication (In Humira injection form) but this doesn't stop her from doing her back in at least once a month, and when this happens she suffers horrible pains resulting in her having to stay in bed and on some occasions meaning a trip to the D doc in the middle of the night for some pain relief. There's nothing worse than seeing a family member in pain, especially not my lovely mammy, so a few weeks back on my way out of work I picked her up two products that I hoped would help the back pains she was suffering that week.

Big Blue Bath Bomb
During my first week of working in Lush a man came in and informed me that he had a bad back and needed something to help with it. Being a Newb I had no idea what to recommend, so I asked my manager for a second opinion and she directed the man straight over to Big Blue. This bath bomb is packed with sea salt, seaweed, lavender and lemon oils. I hadn't a clue how great sea salt and seaweed are for back pains, but it made sense as my mam always feels better when we're away on holidays and have access to the sea. Seaweed is also full of minerals and has amazing skin softening qualities, the feel of salt on your skin and relaxing smell and calming effects of lavender make you feel like you're floating in the Mediteranian. So if you don't think you'll afford a holiday this year I highly recommend stocking up these bad boys! The only slight con is that your left with a bath covered in seaweed, but for me a relaxing bath is so worth the five minute cleanup.

Wiccy's Magic Muscles Massage Bar
When my mam got out of the bath and was feeling nice and relaxed I made her lye down and gave her a massage with Wiccy's Magic Muscles massage bar. If you haven't heard of Lush's massage bar range I definitely recommend checking them out! Filled with beautiful butters and oil they warm up with the heat of your hands and begin to slowly melt as you massage them into your skin. This massage bar in particular contains Aduki beans which give a deep, knobbly massage to tired tissue and get right in under the muscle getting rid of any tension or knots. Aerated cocoa butter gives a light, velvety massage, cinnamon oil warms the skin and peppermint keeps the blood flowing while giving a fresh minty smell and tingling sensation. As I massaged the bar melted more and more, eventually the Aduki beans came loose and I continued massaging them around her back. This bar would be great for a couple as it wasn't nearly finished when I finished doing her back so I continued with her arms, legs and tummy and ended up throwing the little remains away in the end.
This is basically a more pleasantly fragranced version of Deep heat, so if you're sporty and suffer with muscle pains definitely grab one of these!

 It's been three weeks since that day and my mam hasn't had one flare up, the two of us are in shock at how well it worked and how great she felt afterwards and still to this day! Although my mam is wishfully thinking, I know that it didn't completely cure her, but next time her back flares up I know exactly what to do, and for the price of just over a tenner, it's definitely worth seeing her healthy and happy!


Friday, 24 January 2014

Ladies of the Rolling Stone

Happy weekend everyone!
So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I'm considering moving to Wordpress..
I haven't a clue how to use it but a good blogger buddy of mine has agreed to help, it should be happening soon enough so expect a change! That's why I'm doing it, change, I feel like it's time! I've been on blogger for two years now and I'd love a fresh start, not to mention a new template. Have any of you made the big move to wordpress? How do you like it?

Back to business… I went for lunch with my parents a couple of weeks ago. Gotham Cafe off Grafton street is one of out favourite places to go for yummy pizza and guacamole! I especially love the spot because of their interior, the walls are covered in Rolling Stone Magazine covers and I always get lost in them whilst waiting for my food… So I decided to show you a few of my favourites, some truly Iconic, Fashion forward and scandalously sexy covers, featuring some of the most talented musicians and actresses of all time:

 Fleetwood Mac 1980

                                          Courtney Love, Tina Turner, Madonna 1997

Donna Summer 1978

Janet Jackson 1993

Julia Roberts 1990

Sinead O'Connor 1991

Winona Ryder 1994

Nicole Kidman 1999

Aren't they all so beautiful? Do you have a favourite? One of the above or any Rolling Stone covers?


Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dresses to Die for: The Origin of Lengths

I'm a massive fan of playing around with Lengths, Maxi dresses being my favorite due to their modesty and comfort, midi following close behind and mini coming last as I have twiggy legs and sometimes look malnourished when I show them off too much!
Nobody ever really stops and thinks about the history of their garments, so here's the low down on Lengths:

Mini dress
It's 1964 in London and the place is a wreck, The city is scarred by bombsites and the is done and dusted, no better time for the youth to explode into a brand new look!
Designer Mary Quant knew just what she was doing when she took a few inches from that hemline and came out with the super funky mini-dress which was embraced by every fashion forward lady around, in search of something feminine, playful and new. The mini was unstoppable, it's simplicity made it perfect for mass production and simple to create at home giving teens and ladies a new lease of independence.

Midi Dress
Jean Muir was a designer who represented perfectly the sophistication and elegance of English style. The vaguely edwardian silhouette and surface decoration of her 1968 creation demonstrated the perfect contemporary vogue for second hand fashion, (Or Vintage as we call it now!)
Theatricality and playfulness made Muirs dress the centre of attention in the film 'Smashing Time' in which Rita Tushinghams charachter could only afford to buy old, withered nightdresses. The films popularity caused the midi dress to explode into the fashion scene!

Maxi Dress
That same year, (1968), Oscar De La Renta (You Genius, genius man!) designed a stunning full length cotton and lace dress for the Elizabeth Arden Salon. The look was embraced widely throughout the seventies by designers such as YSL and Dior after being mentioned in the New York Times. A fashion Phenomenon at it's best!

Excuse the blurry photo, it's all I could find.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

What I Wore: Kimono

Last Sunday myself, My sister and a friend decided to go for early drinks. One of our favourite bars offers 40% off all drinks on Sundays so it's hard to resist a few glasses of vino and a lovely ambience. 
We all had work the next day so we made it an early night arriving in the bar at half past six and getting home to bed nice and tipsy before 1am. I adore nights like this when you can go out and actually socialise with people without being absolutely hammered and slurring your words! (My usual choice of state on nights out!) 
I decided to wear my new kimono, which shockingly was bought for me by my mother for Christmas in River Island.
I say shockingly because every item of clothing that woman has ever brought me home has been hideous, outrageous and over the top, So opening this baby on Christmas day I almost had a happy heart attack!

I decided to go really plain as I wanted the Kimono to be the main piece, so I wore a black H&M tank, It's extra long so I often wear it as a dress, with some tights.
I felt like a mix between Joseph with his amazing technicolored dream coat and a Geisha! 
I love the colours running through the Kimono, it's season friendly and I feel like it's definitely something I'll wear all year round. Not to mention the tassels flowing from the hem and sleeves, (I was a little worried that one of the candles in the bar would set them alight, but I managed to avoid that situation, despite my dizziness!) 


I didn't even notice the amazing tiger design on the back of my Kimono until I took this picture, and it's made me fall in love all over again!

Shoe wise, I opted for my chunky Topshop boots. They have enough of a heel to make me look a little taller, but are still comfortable enough for a dance, or even a jog! I love the fact that I can wear them shopping, and dress them up a little for casual nights out.

If my Kimono wasn't my favourite Christmas present then this definitely was! I wrote about Thornhill a whole ago, they create amazing pieces with antique coins and cutlery. (See the full post here!) My lovely sister gave me this, among many other gifts, for Christmas and I've barely been able to take it off.
It's hard to make out but it's a woman with a wolf, howling at the moon, all carved into a vintage coin. 
I'm in love with this piece and wear it to work almost every day, I love wearing it long or tying it tight as a bit of a choker. 

How are you all doing anyway? Any plans for the weekend?
I'm looking forward to spending the day in the bath with a facial on, and then straight back into my jim jams to watch some girls! 


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fashion Icon: Clara Bowe

 A real life rags to riches story, born into Poverty in Brooklyn, Clara Bowe became known as THE Flapper girl of the 1920's and America's first sex symbol. It all began when the star won a beauty photo contest and resulted in her featuring in over 58 films between 1922 and 1933.

Isn't she just stunning?


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What I Wore: Christmas Party

I know Christmas is well and truly over now that the decorations are down and the house is bare, but I never got a chance to share my Christmas party outfit with you lovelies!
Now I didn't have my good camera at the time so I've to stick to phone photo's, but hey you still get the general idea.. 

As most of you probably know Modesty is one of my favourite things in fashion and I'm constantly covering the legs and showing a tiny bit of belly.. I also love the fact that full length skirts are comfortable and give off a very sophisticated vibe! The one above was purchased in River Island, It was on sale for €15 at the time so I felt no guilt whatsoever as I snapped it up. My only issue with it is that it's quite seasonal, and I can't see myself wearing it during the summer. The top, Also from River Island, was a little more steep at around the €40 mark but it's something I know I'll get a lot of wear out of so again, guilt free! As for the shoes, I purchased them in Zara. I wasn't sure at first because they show a little toe cleavage, something I often stay away from. I literally stood in Zara for the likes of an hour, staring at them in the mirror and trying to decide weather they were amazing or terrible! When my mam agreed to go halves with me, (We're the same shoe size so we like to share!) I was certain that I wanted them. They're covered in tiny black diamonds up close, I'll do a more detailed post about them soon!

Myself and my lovely colleague Susie pre-drinking for the wild night to come!

I have to say my Christmas party was Amazing! I work with the funniest, craziest and loveliest folks and we danced our socks off! Did you ladies have any Christmas parties this year? What did you wear?


Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Handbag: Topshop

There's nothing I enjoy more than chilling in my attic, having a few smokes and listening to my dad's old college records, which include Kate Bush! Who knew my dad had such good taste in his twenties!

I asked for a nice new handbag for Christmas this year as mine was on it's last legs and about to fall apart. I wanted something pretty that I could wear to work and dress up on nights out.
My mam bought me a lovely black one in Topshop but unfortunately it just wasn't right, It didn't have a zip or clasp for closing and didn't look as nice with the long strap, not wanting to waste the sixty euro she'd spent on it (Yes she left the price tag on!) I headed for Topshop after work the other day to exchange it. I immediately fell in love with this pretty, vintage looking bag. It's super classy, a nice big size and it can be worn on my arm for nights out, and with the long strap for work. 


I love the closure, it's still a little tricky as I'm not used to it yet but it just looks so classy!

It has loads of pockets inside for my phone, cigarettes and lipgloss and on the other side is a zip pocket for more personal things. It's not too big but still fits all of my belongings including my work notes and even my apron! It was €61, so I only had to pay one Euro extra and the unique brown colour goes well with all of my clothes.

What do you ladies think? 

I received a camera for Christmas to allow me to do more posts like this. Unfortunately I'm not completely used to it yet so excuse the dodgy photo's, I'll get there and hopefully when I do I can fill my lovely blog with outfit posts!


Friday, 10 January 2014

Claudio Parentela: Mixmedia

Hello ladies! How we all doing?
Excuse the shortage of posts in the last week, I've been a busy bee in work and have had a few birthdays and two day hangovers to deal with, but here's my latest discovery! 

Claudio Parentela is a talented Italian artist/journalist/photographer, born and based in Catanzaro, who creates haunting mix-media pieces and whimsical little drawings. Here are a few of my favourites:  

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