Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Handbag: Topshop

There's nothing I enjoy more than chilling in my attic, having a few smokes and listening to my dad's old college records, which include Kate Bush! Who knew my dad had such good taste in his twenties!

I asked for a nice new handbag for Christmas this year as mine was on it's last legs and about to fall apart. I wanted something pretty that I could wear to work and dress up on nights out.
My mam bought me a lovely black one in Topshop but unfortunately it just wasn't right, It didn't have a zip or clasp for closing and didn't look as nice with the long strap, not wanting to waste the sixty euro she'd spent on it (Yes she left the price tag on!) I headed for Topshop after work the other day to exchange it. I immediately fell in love with this pretty, vintage looking bag. It's super classy, a nice big size and it can be worn on my arm for nights out, and with the long strap for work. 


I love the closure, it's still a little tricky as I'm not used to it yet but it just looks so classy!

It has loads of pockets inside for my phone, cigarettes and lipgloss and on the other side is a zip pocket for more personal things. It's not too big but still fits all of my belongings including my work notes and even my apron! It was €61, so I only had to pay one Euro extra and the unique brown colour goes well with all of my clothes.

What do you ladies think? 

I received a camera for Christmas to allow me to do more posts like this. Unfortunately I'm not completely used to it yet so excuse the dodgy photo's, I'll get there and hopefully when I do I can fill my lovely blog with outfit posts!


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