Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Pamper your back with Lush!

I don't mention my mammy much on this blog but today's post is based around her. She has been suffering from rheumatoide artheritis since her teens, this means she's got it all over and it flares up in different places such as her knee's, wrists or spine from time to time. Lately her back has been getting it the worst, she's a little OCD and sometimes overdoes it with the cleaning, when this happens her back usually gives out on her, and in the past she's even managed to slip a few discs. Now she's on medication (In Humira injection form) but this doesn't stop her from doing her back in at least once a month, and when this happens she suffers horrible pains resulting in her having to stay in bed and on some occasions meaning a trip to the D doc in the middle of the night for some pain relief. There's nothing worse than seeing a family member in pain, especially not my lovely mammy, so a few weeks back on my way out of work I picked her up two products that I hoped would help the back pains she was suffering that week.

Big Blue Bath Bomb
During my first week of working in Lush a man came in and informed me that he had a bad back and needed something to help with it. Being a Newb I had no idea what to recommend, so I asked my manager for a second opinion and she directed the man straight over to Big Blue. This bath bomb is packed with sea salt, seaweed, lavender and lemon oils. I hadn't a clue how great sea salt and seaweed are for back pains, but it made sense as my mam always feels better when we're away on holidays and have access to the sea. Seaweed is also full of minerals and has amazing skin softening qualities, the feel of salt on your skin and relaxing smell and calming effects of lavender make you feel like you're floating in the Mediteranian. So if you don't think you'll afford a holiday this year I highly recommend stocking up these bad boys! The only slight con is that your left with a bath covered in seaweed, but for me a relaxing bath is so worth the five minute cleanup.

Wiccy's Magic Muscles Massage Bar
When my mam got out of the bath and was feeling nice and relaxed I made her lye down and gave her a massage with Wiccy's Magic Muscles massage bar. If you haven't heard of Lush's massage bar range I definitely recommend checking them out! Filled with beautiful butters and oil they warm up with the heat of your hands and begin to slowly melt as you massage them into your skin. This massage bar in particular contains Aduki beans which give a deep, knobbly massage to tired tissue and get right in under the muscle getting rid of any tension or knots. Aerated cocoa butter gives a light, velvety massage, cinnamon oil warms the skin and peppermint keeps the blood flowing while giving a fresh minty smell and tingling sensation. As I massaged the bar melted more and more, eventually the Aduki beans came loose and I continued massaging them around her back. This bar would be great for a couple as it wasn't nearly finished when I finished doing her back so I continued with her arms, legs and tummy and ended up throwing the little remains away in the end.
This is basically a more pleasantly fragranced version of Deep heat, so if you're sporty and suffer with muscle pains definitely grab one of these!

 It's been three weeks since that day and my mam hasn't had one flare up, the two of us are in shock at how well it worked and how great she felt afterwards and still to this day! Although my mam is wishfully thinking, I know that it didn't completely cure her, but next time her back flares up I know exactly what to do, and for the price of just over a tenner, it's definitely worth seeing her healthy and happy!


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