Saturday, 18 January 2014

What I Wore: Kimono

Last Sunday myself, My sister and a friend decided to go for early drinks. One of our favourite bars offers 40% off all drinks on Sundays so it's hard to resist a few glasses of vino and a lovely ambience. 
We all had work the next day so we made it an early night arriving in the bar at half past six and getting home to bed nice and tipsy before 1am. I adore nights like this when you can go out and actually socialise with people without being absolutely hammered and slurring your words! (My usual choice of state on nights out!) 
I decided to wear my new kimono, which shockingly was bought for me by my mother for Christmas in River Island.
I say shockingly because every item of clothing that woman has ever brought me home has been hideous, outrageous and over the top, So opening this baby on Christmas day I almost had a happy heart attack!

I decided to go really plain as I wanted the Kimono to be the main piece, so I wore a black H&M tank, It's extra long so I often wear it as a dress, with some tights.
I felt like a mix between Joseph with his amazing technicolored dream coat and a Geisha! 
I love the colours running through the Kimono, it's season friendly and I feel like it's definitely something I'll wear all year round. Not to mention the tassels flowing from the hem and sleeves, (I was a little worried that one of the candles in the bar would set them alight, but I managed to avoid that situation, despite my dizziness!) 


I didn't even notice the amazing tiger design on the back of my Kimono until I took this picture, and it's made me fall in love all over again!

Shoe wise, I opted for my chunky Topshop boots. They have enough of a heel to make me look a little taller, but are still comfortable enough for a dance, or even a jog! I love the fact that I can wear them shopping, and dress them up a little for casual nights out.

If my Kimono wasn't my favourite Christmas present then this definitely was! I wrote about Thornhill a whole ago, they create amazing pieces with antique coins and cutlery. (See the full post here!) My lovely sister gave me this, among many other gifts, for Christmas and I've barely been able to take it off.
It's hard to make out but it's a woman with a wolf, howling at the moon, all carved into a vintage coin. 
I'm in love with this piece and wear it to work almost every day, I love wearing it long or tying it tight as a bit of a choker. 

How are you all doing anyway? Any plans for the weekend?
I'm looking forward to spending the day in the bath with a facial on, and then straight back into my jim jams to watch some girls! 


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