Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I wore: Floral Slip

Hello there February! Goodbye now January brokeness and blues!
You may have noticed that I'm keeping up with my new years resolution and doing a lot more outfit posts than usual, so I thought what better way to start the month?
This one in particular proved the most difficult so far… My impatient mother with her shaky hands gave up on taking photo's of me, I blame the up hairstyle, my face just kept coming out funny! So in the end I had to do my best to snap a photo of the front of my new slip dress, I don't mind though as I feel the back is the best part! 

 It look is a little risk-ay as I had no intention of wearing a bra with it, So I saved it for a night out for  my friends 21st birthday, no relatives around in case a sneaky nipple decided to pop out… phew!

As for the front, it's black velvet with white and rusty floral patterns and I love it. I love the simple silhouette and flimsy straps.. Usually I see velvet as a winter fabric but because of the open back and low neckline I can definitely see myself wearing this during the spring and maybe even summer!
Also, a quick little RIP to what have been my favourite nude heels ever! (worn above) 
They were covered in scratches and had seen long past their day, so I almost cried throwing them out, but it had to be done, even my mother was in shock at the filth of them which you thankfully can't really make out in the picture!


To complete the look I wore my Collection 4000 lipstick 'Revenge', It's a wintery, plum colour and I though it would look nice with the warm undertones in the dress. It's quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks, if you'd like a review let me know in the comments and I'll get on it!

How is the new month treating you ladies? Any big plans?
I've been going through my Bloglovin and am seeing a massive majority of Beauty blogs that I follow, I like beauty blogs but would much rather read about more fashion, so if you ladies have any good recommendations for some fashion and style blogs do pass them on!

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