Monday, 7 July 2014

Kei Jewellery by Keyla Tones

Whilst pinning away the other night I came across the loveliest Jewellery designer..
I'm not a massive fan of jewellery to be honest, The expensive stuff just doesn't interest me and I'm a sucker for losing every accessory on my body on my crazy nights out!
Thats why when it comes to my bling I stick to high street and costume jewellery. 
However, when I stumble across original, interesting and fascinatingly made pieces they're definitely worth splurging the extra dollar bills on! 

Kei is a jewellery line based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Gold chains, precious stones and unique, individual pieces make for the perfect touch of bohemian style and spirituality. Not to mention each piece looks amazing when layered with others. 

These are my absolute favourite! I need one in my life!

 To see more of these wonderful pieces check out the website here!
There's a buddha necklace up there that I might just have to buy... come pay day that is!
Which of the above do you like best?


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