Sunday, 7 September 2014

Andy Prokh Photography: Pet Lovers Only

I always had pets growing up, particularly dogs. I think every child should grow up with an animal, it's something that teaches you responsibility, but most importantly, it's a best pal in a different form than you, that will never fail to make you laugh, that will love you, even after you've shoved it's face in it's own pee pee or given it a sneaky boop on the nose, and it will never fail to surprise you, weather it's a hilarious sound that you've never heard it make before, a new awkward, yet comfy looking napping spot or a heart crippling, adorable begging face.
Andry Prokh, a Russian Photographer, takes pictures of his daughter and her adventures alongside her feline friend. They made me reminisce and gave me a lovely giggle!

To see more of Andy's work check out his blog here!

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