Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Top Coat Picks for December

Inspiration for this post: I literally almost got blown away walking to work today. It made me think of warm, fluffy coats and how much I love them.

If I had it my way I'd wear Harem Pants, Belly Tops and Maxi Skirts every single day...
Unfortunately I couldn't have it any further from my way as I live in IRELAND!
My fellow Irish and UK friends will understand the struggle of Freezing cold, Rainy winters (and not the best summers either!).. and the struggle of trying to keep your signature style whilst still staying snug and warm.

Well I've scoured the length and breadth of the web, or four of my favourite places to shop in less dramatic wording.. and have found four Boho friendly coats that suit my style down to a T..

The first is this Willow Waterfall Blanket Coat from Boohoo.com. I tend to wear a lot of black during Winter, and I've been trying to stay away from it and add more colour to my wardrobe. The warm beige and brown colours are a perfect way to do so. Although it may not look very warm, and you never know when ordering online, the Kimono Silhouette is great for layering, wear your wooliest jumper underneath, add a fur stole or knitted scarf and you can even gather it at the waist with a thick black or brown belt. Not to mention it's a great price at just €34!

The second of my picks is this Faux Shearling Ovoid Jacket from Topshop..
Again steering away from black, it's a lovely, light Tan colour with a brown strip down the front and lining the pockets and sleeves. Its tastefully shapeless, meaning that once again it can be layered and you may get away with wearing half of your wardrobe underneath on the frosty days. 

I used to loathe fur coats, I thought they were tacky, and to be honest my hatred for (real) fur in the fashion industry and the lack of ethics behind it made me sick looking at even faux fur coats.
Nowadays I've stopped being so uptight about it and am loving faux fur looks. Particularly this Amber mixed one from Missguided.com. The mix of  colours is so pretty on the eye and allows for it to be extremely versatile when matching with pieces in your wardrobe. Not to mention the warmth and snugness.. ooooh... so soft!

Lastly, this pretty Camel Duffle Coat from River Island. The Toggle fastening just makes this one for me! It's so Ethnic looking and Fashion Forward while it remains warm and functional. My favourite thing about this one, that set's it apart from any other coats I love, is the faux fur lined hood. I never use brolly's and am in desperate need of a hood for these stormy days we're having.

I bought my Winter Coat early this year, so it's not on the River Island website anymore, but it's pretty much all of the above coats combined :)
Have you ladies got your trusty winter coat yet? What's it like?
Which of the above would you go for?


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