Thursday, 27 February 2014

What I Wore: Formal

Well hello!
I attended my annual Charity ball on Monday night and it was fantastic as usual..
Some of the proceeds were donated to the cystic fibrosis unit in Our Ladies Childrens Hospital, Crumlin, such a great cause.
So I had a little dress crisis a few days before the event, I tried on the dress I'd originally purchased and it just wasn't sitting right, so me and the mammy went on a little Vintage shop hunt for a nice, yet affordable gown… No better place than Retro in Georges street Arcade to find one. 

I was feeling a little sulky as I'd been shopping all day and wasn't even going to try on the dress until my mam and the lovely, helpful ladies in the shop convinced me, and happily enough it was exactly what I wanted!
Cut from a vintage pattern and made with a dark green velvet, It was the perfect mix of sexy and elegant.

I picked up my little antique looking bag in TKmaxx, I just thought it was perfect for the look, keeping it nice and old fashioned.. I wore dangly diamond earrings, also from TKmaxx, and kept the neckline bare as I didn't want to overdo it.
Altogether I spend a little over one hundred euro, which is the least I've ever paid for evening wear. 
I had a fantastic night and to my surprise the dress was so comfy, with the help of some boob tape I didn't have to worry about it falling down.

My best friend was looking stunning on the night in her embellished white dress!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Banana Milkshake

I shared a photo from this editorial by the talented Francesco Ormando, on my facebook a little while ago and every time I scrolled past it I just had to stop and gaze... so I decided it was definitely worthy of it's own post.
A mix of vibrant colored clothing styled by Klara Morante, modelled by the stunning Nastya Akhmameteva and set in a pimped out diner with a pastel interior make for a truly eye widening, jaw dropping result.

This last photo is just perfection! 

I wish my local Eddie Rockets could look like this!


Friday, 21 February 2014

Friday I'm In Love: Rani Zakhem Couture Fall/Winter 13-14

You know how I am with evening gowns... they are my joy, my happiness, especially Couture!
That time of year has come around again, The annual ball I attend with my family and friends is on Monday. I spent the day hunting through the vintage stores of Dublin and tried on some of the most stunning pieces... One dress was actually Baroque! I finally settled for something classy and timeless, I promise I'll do an outfit post in the days after.
All of this dress shopping inspired me and I found myself coming home out of the rain, getting into my fluffiest pyjamas and having a little surf of the web whilst sipping on my hot cup of tea.
To my delight I came across a brand new Fashion house that I'd never heard of, and some stunning creations.

A use of elegantly luxurious fabrics are put together with an incredible understanding of glamour to come out with these modern, feminine and oh so shapely pieces. 

Which dress do you love most? I have to say that pink, body tight one just does it for me… wow!
To learn more about Rani Zakhem check out the official website here!


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Emilio Pucci: Gypsy

A truly memorable collection that still springs into my head two years later is Emilio Pucci's 'Gypsy'.
Bright colours, light flawy  fabrics and modest lengths are my favourite qualities in a garment, So no surprise that I loved almost every piece that was shown during Fashion week in 2012.
Silk slips, lace inserts, applique, crochet and stunning embellishments and embroidery are just some of the skills used to create these Ready To Wear masterpieces!
Thank you Peter Dundas.. you talented, talented man!

 If that doesn't give you some serious summer-spiration I don't know what will!
I have to say the first two looks are my favourite along with the second last line, all black outfits. 
Which ones are do you like most?


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Erin Michael

I've just been browsing the web and came across Eric Micheal, she's a Silversmith and Visual Artist  based in Huntsville, Alabama, who creates the most eliquent, beautiful pieces dealing with chainmail and precious stones. Whimsical and enchanting, these pieces have me saving my penneys.

Look at that Necklace! Wow!



Talented or what?
My favourite piece is the treasure map necklace! 
Which is yours?

You can check out the Erin Michael official website here!
And be sure to like her Facebook page here!


Thursday, 13 February 2014

A very Urban Valentines day!

If there's one thing I love more than Urban Outfitters, It's Urban Outfitters campaigns!
With Valentines day just around the corner, (agh tomorrow!) I found this shoot perfectly fitting.

The shoot focuses on a young, and very fashion forward couple, on a holiday in Amsterdam, roaming the streets in cosy gear, snapping photo's of each other and just generally being in love

I just love the third photo from the bottom! That red velvet skirt and top and the funky shirt, I need it in my life! Pity this is from back in 2013 :(..

So being a bitter singleton I plan on spending my Valentines night in the bath, with a face and hair mask on, reading my new Vogue (My Vday present to myself woo!)
How will you be spending the night?

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