Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My obsession with mythology dates all the way back to Secondary School. 
I remember being given an art project based on Mythology, and the first thing that sprang to mind was the Medusa! A monstrous creature with the face of a woman and a head of venomous snakes for hair. Anyone brave enough to gaze into her eyes turned to stone. 
She must have had a hard time dating... eek... 
Ironically I ended up making her out of stone, well, clay to be precise. 
It was one of my proudest creations and I wish every day that I hadn't of left it in school.

While I opted to make her terrifying with melted marbles running down her crying face, Javier Pinon seems to look at her in a much brighter light. The Brooklyn based Artist uses mixed media & collage to portray the Medusa as a series of Gorgeous, rambunctious women. 

I love these so much... it's ridiculous!
It's a nice change from the usual gloomy, dark portrayals. 


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