Thursday, 30 April 2015

Runway to Highstreet: Etro Spring 2015

Lets talk Etro.
It was definitely among my favourite collections this Spring 2015.
A lot of designers showed their take on 70s fashion, some modernising it, some making it festival chic, But Veronica Etro stayed true to the 70s by creating imperfect, hand sewn, customised pieces with a huge influence from Native Americans. Keeping it light, flowy and care free the designer managed to create a collection fit for Woodstock and the modern hippy. 

I created a Runway to High Street post for Dolce & Gabbanna Spring 2015 and it went down a charm with you ladies, so I thought I'd create another one for Etro seeing as it's going to have a huge influence on my Summer Wardrobe this year. Here's are a few stunning Pieces that will help you add that Etro edge to your Summer Wardrobe:

Blue Fringed Poncho Dress: Lotus Vintage NY
Tunic with Studded Placket: Zara

Sleeveless Fringed Jacket:
Vibrant Tribal Dress:
Open Printed Dress:
Fringed Peep toe Boots:
Desert Fringe Suede Boots: Topshop

And there you have it.. I am after every piece in this post... 
Must wait until Payday.. Hang in there Serena!

Lately I've been finding Facebook to be the best way of managing my blog, and somewhere I can post regularly, especially when I'm out and about.
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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mashugana: Swarofski Crystal Pendants

I have mentioned Mashugana many times already on my blog and posted about the wonderful pieces they sell, but I finally had an opportunity to photograph my purchase and wanted to share with you all  on a more personal level.

Last Summer upon receiving my first pay check in a new job I decided to treat myself to something pretty on Etsy. I'm a major Etsy creep and had a list of items that I wanted, But the Crystal pendants and rings from Mashugana surpassed everything else. 

I'd had my eye on the Rainbow Peacock Pastel Diamond Crown Necklace since spotting it on Pinterest. It's a stunning piece and I love anything that plays with your eyes as it does. When you stare into it there is a beautiful, colourful effect and it's almost like there are tiny peacock feathers hidden inside. 
It's also a great piece for layering and I love wearing it with a choker or several of my other necklaces. 

Your are given the option upon ordering of Antique Brass (which I went for) or Silver Plate.
You can also choose the length of your necklace. The delivery was spot on and Customer Service is up to scratch, which is always something that I take into account when buying from Etsy.
I am now lusting over several other products on the Mashugana page. 
They would make a very special gift for a dear friend or a nice treat for yourself.
You can check out the Mashugana page here!


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Your 5 Summer Wardrobe Staples

Every Summer before I start picking up pieces for my wardrobe, I write a list of five staples that I know I'll get loads of wear out of and be able to mix & match with other clothes. I guess you could call it economising. So this year I thought I'd share with you five on Trend staples and where to get them.

Palazzo Pants

If you haven't already got a pair now is the perfect time. They were everywhere at Fashion Week and I've seen various top bloggers rocking the look. Choose your Pants wisely and be sure to try them on, if they're ill fitting it will throw the whole look off. I'd rock any of the above with a cute crop top, some wedges and a floppy hat for a sophisticated, elegant look. 

Strappy Sandals 

Behold the Strappy Sandal, the perfect Summer shoe. They can be worn with almost anything and are great for dressing up a simple look like baggy Jeans and a tank top or an elegant midi skirt. I am especially in love with the snakeskin ones, two major trends in one, and those Royal Blue ones are just stunning!

Anything Crochet

Crochet is a timeless Summer trend, and every Summer the shops fill up with dainty little knits.
I love anything crochet, especially for Festivals, they ooze chilled out Summer vibes. So weather it's a small crop, a cardigan to funk up any outfit or a full on multicoloured rainbow dress, here are my favourite pieces. 

A Statement Hat 

I'm a huge fan of hats, but avoid them during Winter in fear that they'll be blown off my head.
Well it's Summer now and hats are great for shading your face from the blistering holiday heat, hiding a bad hair day and for making a statement and adding a high fashion vibe to your outfit. I'm a huge fan of straw hats, and floppy ones too, and a combination of the two is a match made in heaven. If you, like me have an abnormally tiny head, I recommend buying your hats in H&M, they have a great range of sizes and their smalls really are teensy!

A Quirky Handbag

This obsession hit me when I spotted a bag shaped like a banana in H&M last Summer. I really wanted it but refrained from purchasing in fear that I wouldn't be brave enough to bear it, it ended up being my biggest regret and all Summer I longed for a quirky, banana shaped bag.
If there's one thing that Fashion Week thought us, it's that handbags that aren't necessarily shaped like handbags are the perfect way to add character to a simple, summer outfit. 
I'm particularly loving the apple juice carton one, very Chanel!

So what do you ladies think of these five Summer Staples?
Have you already got some or do you plan on picking any up?


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OOTD: Bershka Bargains

I had a little meltdown a few months back when I ran out of clothes to wear to work, Ok maybe I didn't run out, but I'd worn everything I have to the point where it was either falling apart or I was just damn right sick of seeing it.
So I popped out to Dundrum on a shopping adventure with a very small budget.
My plan was to pick up office appropriate clothes that I could still wear out for drinks with the girls on a Friday night. Bershka is the kind of shop I usually don't pay much attention to. I loved the place when I was a teeny bopper but it hasn't appealed to me since. My shopping trip was coming to an end and I still hadn't bought a thing, everything was so expensive and shirts like this in Topshop were costing an arm and a leg, Just as I was about to give up I spotted Bershka and decided to have a quick gander. Lucky I did because I came out of the place with bagfuls and spent less than sixty quid!

This flowy, Rust coloured shirt was on a rack of €10 items. The colour stood out to me most as I'm trying to cut down on wearing so much black now that Summer is coming. I also love the way it drapes at the front and that low V neckline, I can throw a string top under it for work and whip it off when it's time to party! I decided to go into Zara a second time after I was done seeing as I had some cash left to spend, and I picked up these Super skinny black jeans for just €30! (So cheap I just had to buy them in Blue too!)

 These fringe sandals are my absolute favourite, even though after a few hours in them you're just about ready to amputate your feet, the pain is definitely worth how funky they look and they can give a simple outfit like this a dressed up, Bohemian edge. I bought them in River Island last Summer and practically live in them now. The Fringe bag is from H&M, I've had it for months and it's definitely time to bin it seeing as the zip is fully broken and it's falling apart.. but will I? Probably not, I'll get another month out of her.. fingers crossed..

Something I just had to focus on in this post is my favourite necklace EVER!
My mam is usually pretty lousy at buying gifts but she got it spot on this Christmas with this stunning, layered choker from Topshop. I wear it with everything and it's such a nice way of dressing up low cut tops. It's super thin and terribly dainty, so after my first time wearing it I managed to tangle it so badly, it took a very patient friend of mine a long time to untangle, but now I have it back and I'm super careful with it. 

Hope you ladies enjoyed my first outfit post in a very long time, now that the sun is out I'm hoping to include a lot more in my blog.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Steal her Summer Style: Olivia Palermo

I can't even explain how overjoyed I am that the sun is out.
This is a rare occasion here in Ireland.. Our Summer is usually three days long during the month of June or July, but I have a feeling after that brutal Winter that the sun will be gracing us with her presence for longer than usual this year!

So let's start planning our Summer Wardrobes. Today's Inspiration? Olivia Palermo of course!
She wore several outfits to Fashion week this year that made me wobble at the knees.. 
And I just had to show you ladies how easy they are to recreate and incorporate into your own wardrobe, without the designer price tags.

The great thing about doubling up on one fabric in an outfit is not only does is look high fashion and super Chic, it's also creating endless outfit opportunities for you, both the shirt and skirt can be worn again with countless different looks and accessories. 

Suede on Suede 

This picture of Olivia has been making the rounds on Pinterest and Instagram and I'm obsessed!
Two of my favourite things, Suede and Fringe give this outfit an effortless Bohemian flair, and lucky for us they're all over the high street right now making a look like this extremely easy to recreate. The stunning midi I've chosen is so elegant. Like Olivia, don't be afraid to mix a few different tones, tans, browns and rusts are beautiful when colour blocked together. The shirt also open endless doors when styling, wear it as above or with a pair of skinny jeans, I personally love wearing shirts as cardigans over a plain tank with layered necklaces. 
Sunglasses: €20 Topshop
Fringed Heels: €35 Missguided 
Shirt: €129 Zara
Skirt: €159 Zara

Denim on Denim 

Another effortlessly Chic look from Olivia, Denim on Denim. I'll be posting soon on how key stroppy sandals are this season, so keep an eye out!
Once again, Endless outfit opportunities, and she's dressed something so casual up with those stunning shoes and that oversized handheld bag.
So many mix & match probabilities too.
Handbag: €90 River Island
Heels: €85 Aldo
Shirt: €47 Topshop
Skirt: €35

I'm in love with both looks, but if I had to choose one I'd definitely go for Suede on Suede as it's different to anything I've owned. What about you? Which is your favourite?


Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Ultimate Festival Check List

The first time I went to a festival I had no idea what I was in for. My friend sent me over a list of things I’d need and over the years I’ve learned from experience and altered it more and more. When sleeping in a tent for three days and still trying to look fresh without showers there are a few sneaky products that can definitely help. So for all of the Festival First timers and regulars too, here’s what you’ll need to survive a Festival.

-Obviously you’ll need a tent, don’t rely on buying one there. One year me and my silly friends brought our tent but forgot the poles, we were forced to buy a tent there and it set us back 60 quid on our first day!

-A padlock. It’s nice to bring a padlock for peace of mind. An open tent will definitely attract scaldy’s who go down there with the sole purpose of ruining peoples festival spirit. 

-A sleeping bag of course, and I always recommend bringing a blanket for extra warmth, to use as a pillow or to sit on outside your tent. Argos always sell good quality ones at great prices.

-Black bags. These will be your best bud, when there are three or more girls in one tent things are bound to get messy, Keep all of your rubbish in a black bag and if it rains you can use them to sit on and avoid getting a mucky bum.

-Toilet paper, and loads of it! Seriously bring a few rolls, keep them in your tent and always have some on you. Those portaloo’s usually supply some but by day two there won’t be a piece in sight.

-A torch/flashlight. As if the portaloos aren’t horrific enough, there are no lights in them so always bring a small hand torch, or even a large one. Releiving yourself in a pitch black box with a clogged toilet when you're drunk is not fun. It’s also nice to have one in your tent so that you can see what’s going on and party in there once the music is finished. One year my friend actually borrowed a real lantern from work and it was perfect for lighting up our tent and running around the festival at night like little fairies!

-The schedule. This is something I always rely on my more responsible friends to bring.. You may get caught up in the excitement and preparation in the days beforehand, but don’t forget to pack a schedule so that you know what’s going on and where and don’t miss any of your favorite acts.

-A phone. If you opt to bring a phone rummage through your house and try to find an old, sturdy one like a Nokia. I bring my iphone every year and the battery literally lasts me half a day, pointless!
We all want to look like Bohemian Queens at festivals, but don’t forget that when night comes those short shorts won’t keep you warm!

-Bring a warm, oversized hoody to wear or just to sleep in. Fur coats are always handy if you want to still look trendy and remain warm, but by the time night comes nobody really cares what they look like.

-Bring a few pairs of leggings to layer under what you’re wearing. I always wear Harem pants at festivals as they’re comfy and it practically feels like you’re wearing your Jim Jams, at night I throw leggings under them to keep me snug and warm.

-Don’t forget your wellies! Even if it’s dry as the dessert there still manages to be soggy, muddy patches by the last day.

-Fluffy socks, I bring these everywhere regardless but it’s at festivals you’ll need them most! Go to Penneys and stock up, they’re great for sleeping in and wearing under boots, runners and wellies.

-Don’t forget your clean knickers!

-Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun, they’ll also hide your zombie hungover face during the day!

Food & Beverages
If you plan on buying your food there, prepare to spend big bucks. Food stalls know they can get away with ripping desperate festival go-ers off and you can end up paying up to €10 for a burger and chips! I always recommend bringing some snacks of your own for between meals.

-Fruit and Veg. If you want to last all three days try to stock up on power foods. They’re also one of the only foods that won’t go off in your tents. Apples, Bananas, Oranges and carrots, whatever you like to keep your Vitamin levels up.

-Nuts are also great for giving you energy and filling you up, Almonds, Brazil nuts, or a few mixed bags. Cereal bars are also handy and you’ll need that fiber to keep your body functioning.

-Do not avoid eating, seriously, don’t!

-Water and lots of it. I always bring two one liter bottles of water with me to assure that I’ll drink loads and keep hydrated back at the tent. You’ll also need it for brushing your teeth!

-I really hate Barocca’s but when you wake up in a tent feeling like death and know you’ve two days more ahead of you, get it into ya!

-Most festivals will not allow you to bring glass bottles in, so either pour your spirits into plastic bottles or you can buy handy little alcohol pouches in most pound shops.

Festival style has become huge in the last few years and we all want to look great every day, but let’s face it, after all day drinking sessions and dancing all night our skin isn’t always in top form.

-Baby wipes. You will NEED these! Not only can you take your makeup off with them but you can also have a sneaky wash and freshen up in your tent when you’re feeling a little smelly.

-Deodorant – Opt for travel sized bottles which you can get in Boots. If you need any more than that I have serious concerns for your swear glands…

-Dry Shampoo, By day two your hair will already be a disgrace, Make sure to bring a good hairbrush and some dry shampoo. My product of choice is ‘No Drought’ from Lush. It’s a natural, powdered version and the lemon in it will help to refresh your scalp, absorb oil and prevent greasiness. You can get it in a small bottle which is festival friendly too!

-Makeup, The best advice I can give you here is to take it easy on the makeup. If you’re caking it on twice a day for three days your skin is going to look miserable.. and the more you have on the more likely it is that come night time you’ll look like a diseased raccoon/panda. Try wearing just concealer, a bit of mascara and liquid liner, and if you feel the need some blusher too. If you aren’t confident to go without foundation try to find a nice, light one that won’t block up your pores. (Clinique beyond perfecting concealer and foundation duo is my go to)

-Breath of Fresh air, another Lush product that is a festival essential for me. Breath of Fresh air is a toner water which contains Lavender and Rose. After taking your makeup off you can spray some directly on your face, not only is it super refreshing, it will work wonders for your skin. I also use this on my body to freshen up throughout the day.

-A decent mirror is handy to have. If you have any larger makeup compacts like the Naked Palette bring it along, even if it’s just for the bigger mirror.

-Sunscreen, This isn’t something I’d usually need as I’m sallow and used to Mediterranean weather conditions, to my surprise the first time I have ever been sunburnt was at body and soul last year. Be sure to bring a high factor, especially if you’re pale and prone to burning, and keep it topped up throughout the day.

-Plasters – The first year I went to a festival I brought Pink, Hello Kitty plasters in my purse. Surprisingly a lot more people needed them than I thought, so bring some along just to be safe.

-Moisturizer, I know I sound like a Diva here but there’s nothing worse than having dry skin in my eyes, and when you have no showers for three days a squirt of moisturizer can do amazing things for your skin. My festival Moisturizer of choice is the Vaseline Spray and go, it’s quick and effortless and the coconut scent is delightful!

-Toothbrush and toothpaste, you don’t want to knock anyone out with your smelly alcohol breath!

There ya have it now.. So are you heading to any festivals this year?
I'm going to Forbidden Fruit and am hoping to go back to Body & Soul, it all just depends on the money situations so I'll see closer to the time.
I hope this check list helps you on your Festival adventures :)

Little Miss Boheme

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Self Portrait Clothing

I am absolutely Obsessed with a new line that's being sold in BT2.
So much so that I had to do my homework and find out who is responsible for these dreamy dresses.
The London based brand was founded by Creative Director Han Chong who is a graduate of Central Saint Martins.. Why am I not surprised?
His collections are largely influenced by his passion for Art, Architecture, Photography and Contemporary Culture. 
Playing around with unexpected luxury fabrics, the designer creates these High Fashion, edgy looks with soft feminine touches, and reasonable price tags.

 I have had my eye on the Red floral dress above for a couple of months now, unfortunately I'm not in a position to dish out €260 for it... But when Sale time comes, Shoppers BEWARE, I will be dangerous if anyone get's in between me and this beautiful, beautiful dress.

I love that this designer is making High Fashion accessible on the high street, these dresses look like they'd cost thousands, and are being sold between around £165 and £300.

You can shop these looks in BT2 or on the Official Self Portrait Website here!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Runway to HighStreet: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015 RTW

The time has come for us to start stocking up our Summer wardrobes.
It's a difficult prospect to face when you live in Ireland and Summer is never guaranteed, but after miraculously having a few days of sun last week I'm feeling inspired.

Today I wanted to focus on Dolce & Gabbana's Spring RTW collection and how you can pull off the looks and trends without the hefty price tags.

Dolce and Gabbana have always been among my favourite designers, because throughout each collection they never fail to bring that Mediterranean flare, which the Italian half of me craves.
This collection was based on the Spanish Bullfighter with influences from the Flamenco, Strong, powerful women rocked the runway with a fire in their eyes. Combining some huge runway trends like Polka dots, Stripes, full skirts, Lace and intricate embroidery details. I fell in love with every look, not to mention the Beauty side of things with Roses in the models hair and Matte Plum lips. I'm definitely planning on incorporating some of these looks into my Summer wardrobe, and here's how:

Polka Dot Dress: €52 Topshop
Floral Crown: €17 Dolly Bow Bow
Lace Pop Socks: €6.90 Topshop
Black & Red Pointed Pumps: €61 Aldo
Black Diamond Encrusted Clutch: €47 River Island
Red & Black Striped Dress: €41 Topshop
Polka Dot Pumps: €76 Aldo
Lace & Floral Dress: €52 Topshop
Ruby Drop Earrings: €14 Topshop

So weather it's a Casual look for a Sunny Day drinking session, A Formal look with a Trendy twist for a Wedding or a Pretty Festival dress, why not add that Dolce & Gabbana twist.

As for Beauty, this Summer ditch those daisy headbands for Luscious Roses, defined brows, and a simple, timeless look with small flicks and a statement lip. 

Little Miss Boheme

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Princess Diana's Best Style Moments

My obsession with lady D stems from my mother. She is obsessed and growing up in the eighties Diana was her biggest style icon. So much so that her wedding dress was a similar replica, an over designed, highly decorated marshmallow complete with shoulder pads. Her engagement ring was also a (less expensive) replica of that stunning oval blue sapphire which is now in the hands of the lovely Kate Middleton.

Along with my mothers, Princess Diana won the hearts of many ladies nationwide throughout the eighties with her charitable acts of kindness, her endurance and of course her 'out there' fashion sense.
Like any true Trend Setter, Diana wasn't afraid to break the rules and think (Or should I say dress..) outside the box, despite her royal status. She was never afraid to try new things and collaborated with some of the best designers in the industry. Here are the 10 looks that I love most:

          This stunning turquoise dress by Emanuel was a match made in heaven with the princesses blue eyes and blonde hair. My favourite thing about this look however, is the head-piece. 
Head jewellery is bang on trend at the moment with festival season approaching, but Lady D had this trend down long before it was cool. This was actually an emerald choker passed down through the royal family and given to her as a gift by the Queen herself. When attending a ball in Melbourne in 1985, Diana decided to be a little more unconventional and wore the jewels as a head piece. 

On attending a charity event in the White House Diana opted for this classy white lace gown, and was accompanied by the designer, Ralph Lauren. I just love everything about this look, the pure white lace and modern high neckline contrasting with that sexy, figure hugging silhouette. It's always a huge achievement to look this desirable with only the minimal amount of skin showing.

In 1989 during a state visit to Austria, Diana chose to wear this stunning Sea Green, Sequin gown designed by Catherine Walker. It had all of the features that she loved in a dress; padded shoulders, a mermaid silhouette with an open hem, all tied together with silk shoes, a green choker and a whole lot of Glam. Sequins seem to be a bold move for a princess, but Diana could pull anything off. When will we be seeing Kate bringing the bling?

Underwear as Outerwear at it's best! Diana wore this stunning, silk Dior slip to celebrate the designers 50th anniversary in New York, 1996. The simple, elegant look hugged her body in all the right places and was quite modern for it's time, this trend has reoccurred greatly throughout the years and is still evident on todays runways. The slip was dressed up perfectly with Diana's famous pearl choker.

Another phenomenal piece by Catherine Walker, Diana lit up the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, 1987, in this Classic gown. Feminine and elegant, it was a delicate pastel blue colour and flowed delicately, then ruched at the waist. The princess slung a matching scarf behind her neck just to make the look all the more beautiful.

Catherine Walker designed this dress especially for Diana's Thailand tour. The chiffon dress was light  and delicate, the popping Fuchsia and Purple colours were a tribute to the country. The look was finished with diamond earrings and some flowers in her hair and boy did she look pretty!
It was such a sign of respect that she would step out of her usual attire and make the extra effort when travelling and experiencing new Cultures. 

What better occasion to glam it up on the red carpet than for the premier of James Bond; Octopussy back in 1983. Diana showed up in a stunning asymmetric gown dripping in sparkling, silver bugle beads and designed by Hachi. A timeless piece that was modern for it's time, this dress would probably still win Best Dressed on todays red carpets. 

Another stunning look from the Royal tour of Australia, where Diana attended the Gold Red birthright Ball. Bruce Oldfield was one of Diana's favourite designers and took a lot of credit for her amazing style. Those padded shoulders were a huge symbol of eighties fashion and Diana was constantly balancing out her frame with them, the parted hemline revealing those famous metallic shoes that the princess wore to many events and full length sleeves keeping it modern and allowing the red colour and open back to speak for themselves. 

A famous picture, Princess Diana being spun around the dance floor by no other than John Travolta, to the tune 'You Should Be Dancing' from Saturday Night Fever in the White house. It's not Travolta I'm creeping on here.. it's that dress! The Midnight Blue, Velvet gown was designed by Victor Edelstein, who based the pattern on the Column gown that was huge during the Edwardian era. Accessorised with a tiara and that stunning pearl choker, The princess was a vision of perfection.

The number one spot just had to be saved for that legendary wedding dress! This was a time when Diana was considered by the press as 'Shy-Di', a humble, innocent twenty year old whose life was about to change as she married into the royal family. When she stepped out of the cart in this dress she definitely made a statement and showed people that she was going to be one of the worlds biggest style icons! While the younger generation may not see the beauty of this dress, anyone who grew up in the eighties or has a knowledge of fashion will understand why this was a true crowd pleaser. Shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, a full skirt, embroidery details, 10 000 pearls and a whopping 25ft train made this dress a huge, overly decorated meringue, and what better time for a dress like this than in the eighties? 
Designed by Emanuel the dress was replicated by eager brides everywhere (my mammy included).

It proved very difficult to narrow it down to just ten, but these were the ones that stood out most to me. 

Now let's make things a little interesting... If you were invited to a Royal wedding, which of these looks would you sport?

Little Miss Boheme

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