Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mashugana: Swarofski Crystal Pendants

I have mentioned Mashugana many times already on my blog and posted about the wonderful pieces they sell, but I finally had an opportunity to photograph my purchase and wanted to share with you all  on a more personal level.

Last Summer upon receiving my first pay check in a new job I decided to treat myself to something pretty on Etsy. I'm a major Etsy creep and had a list of items that I wanted, But the Crystal pendants and rings from Mashugana surpassed everything else. 

I'd had my eye on the Rainbow Peacock Pastel Diamond Crown Necklace since spotting it on Pinterest. It's a stunning piece and I love anything that plays with your eyes as it does. When you stare into it there is a beautiful, colourful effect and it's almost like there are tiny peacock feathers hidden inside. 
It's also a great piece for layering and I love wearing it with a choker or several of my other necklaces. 

Your are given the option upon ordering of Antique Brass (which I went for) or Silver Plate.
You can also choose the length of your necklace. The delivery was spot on and Customer Service is up to scratch, which is always something that I take into account when buying from Etsy.
I am now lusting over several other products on the Mashugana page. 
They would make a very special gift for a dear friend or a nice treat for yourself.
You can check out the Mashugana page here!


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