Tuesday, 21 April 2015

OOTD: Bershka Bargains

I had a little meltdown a few months back when I ran out of clothes to wear to work, Ok maybe I didn't run out, but I'd worn everything I have to the point where it was either falling apart or I was just damn right sick of seeing it.
So I popped out to Dundrum on a shopping adventure with a very small budget.
My plan was to pick up office appropriate clothes that I could still wear out for drinks with the girls on a Friday night. Bershka is the kind of shop I usually don't pay much attention to. I loved the place when I was a teeny bopper but it hasn't appealed to me since. My shopping trip was coming to an end and I still hadn't bought a thing, everything was so expensive and shirts like this in Topshop were costing an arm and a leg, Just as I was about to give up I spotted Bershka and decided to have a quick gander. Lucky I did because I came out of the place with bagfuls and spent less than sixty quid!

This flowy, Rust coloured shirt was on a rack of €10 items. The colour stood out to me most as I'm trying to cut down on wearing so much black now that Summer is coming. I also love the way it drapes at the front and that low V neckline, I can throw a string top under it for work and whip it off when it's time to party! I decided to go into Zara a second time after I was done seeing as I had some cash left to spend, and I picked up these Super skinny black jeans for just €30! (So cheap I just had to buy them in Blue too!)

 These fringe sandals are my absolute favourite, even though after a few hours in them you're just about ready to amputate your feet, the pain is definitely worth how funky they look and they can give a simple outfit like this a dressed up, Bohemian edge. I bought them in River Island last Summer and practically live in them now. The Fringe bag is from H&M, I've had it for months and it's definitely time to bin it seeing as the zip is fully broken and it's falling apart.. but will I? Probably not, I'll get another month out of her.. fingers crossed..

Something I just had to focus on in this post is my favourite necklace EVER!
My mam is usually pretty lousy at buying gifts but she got it spot on this Christmas with this stunning, layered choker from Topshop. I wear it with everything and it's such a nice way of dressing up low cut tops. It's super thin and terribly dainty, so after my first time wearing it I managed to tangle it so badly, it took a very patient friend of mine a long time to untangle, but now I have it back and I'm super careful with it. 

Hope you ladies enjoyed my first outfit post in a very long time, now that the sun is out I'm hoping to include a lot more in my blog.


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