Thursday, 30 April 2015

Runway to Highstreet: Etro Spring 2015

Lets talk Etro.
It was definitely among my favourite collections this Spring 2015.
A lot of designers showed their take on 70s fashion, some modernising it, some making it festival chic, But Veronica Etro stayed true to the 70s by creating imperfect, hand sewn, customised pieces with a huge influence from Native Americans. Keeping it light, flowy and care free the designer managed to create a collection fit for Woodstock and the modern hippy. 

I created a Runway to High Street post for Dolce & Gabbanna Spring 2015 and it went down a charm with you ladies, so I thought I'd create another one for Etro seeing as it's going to have a huge influence on my Summer Wardrobe this year. Here's are a few stunning Pieces that will help you add that Etro edge to your Summer Wardrobe:

Blue Fringed Poncho Dress: Lotus Vintage NY
Tunic with Studded Placket: Zara

Sleeveless Fringed Jacket:
Vibrant Tribal Dress:
Open Printed Dress:
Fringed Peep toe Boots:
Desert Fringe Suede Boots: Topshop

And there you have it.. I am after every piece in this post... 
Must wait until Payday.. Hang in there Serena!

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