Thursday, 23 April 2015

Your 5 Summer Wardrobe Staples

Every Summer before I start picking up pieces for my wardrobe, I write a list of five staples that I know I'll get loads of wear out of and be able to mix & match with other clothes. I guess you could call it economising. So this year I thought I'd share with you five on Trend staples and where to get them.

Palazzo Pants

If you haven't already got a pair now is the perfect time. They were everywhere at Fashion Week and I've seen various top bloggers rocking the look. Choose your Pants wisely and be sure to try them on, if they're ill fitting it will throw the whole look off. I'd rock any of the above with a cute crop top, some wedges and a floppy hat for a sophisticated, elegant look. 

Strappy Sandals 

Behold the Strappy Sandal, the perfect Summer shoe. They can be worn with almost anything and are great for dressing up a simple look like baggy Jeans and a tank top or an elegant midi skirt. I am especially in love with the snakeskin ones, two major trends in one, and those Royal Blue ones are just stunning!

Anything Crochet

Crochet is a timeless Summer trend, and every Summer the shops fill up with dainty little knits.
I love anything crochet, especially for Festivals, they ooze chilled out Summer vibes. So weather it's a small crop, a cardigan to funk up any outfit or a full on multicoloured rainbow dress, here are my favourite pieces. 

A Statement Hat 

I'm a huge fan of hats, but avoid them during Winter in fear that they'll be blown off my head.
Well it's Summer now and hats are great for shading your face from the blistering holiday heat, hiding a bad hair day and for making a statement and adding a high fashion vibe to your outfit. I'm a huge fan of straw hats, and floppy ones too, and a combination of the two is a match made in heaven. If you, like me have an abnormally tiny head, I recommend buying your hats in H&M, they have a great range of sizes and their smalls really are teensy!

A Quirky Handbag

This obsession hit me when I spotted a bag shaped like a banana in H&M last Summer. I really wanted it but refrained from purchasing in fear that I wouldn't be brave enough to bear it, it ended up being my biggest regret and all Summer I longed for a quirky, banana shaped bag.
If there's one thing that Fashion Week thought us, it's that handbags that aren't necessarily shaped like handbags are the perfect way to add character to a simple, summer outfit. 
I'm particularly loving the apple juice carton one, very Chanel!

So what do you ladies think of these five Summer Staples?
Have you already got some or do you plan on picking any up?


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