Saturday, 2 May 2015

5 Documentaries to get you through the week

I am obsessed with documentaries.
It's gotten to the point where I choose them over movies.
There's nothing better than finishing up watching one and feeling like you've learnt a little more about this crazy world we live in. They truly open your mind and make you look at life a little differently each time. I have a giant list of favourites and thought I'd share some with you lovelies. 
So, in no particular order, here are my top 5 documentaries to get you through the week:

The Cove 

Blackfish was such an amazing documentary, but seeing as most people I know have seen it, and it's already on most Top Documentary lists, I thought I'd introduce you to a similar one.
The cove was released in 2009 and follows a group of activists as they infiltrate a cove in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan, where mass dolphin slaughterings are held regularly.
Not only is this the at the peak of animal cruelty, it's also endangering the locals and anyone in fact who consumes dolphin meat in Japan. 
This is an upsetting one for animal lovers, but something you need to see and spread awareness about to protect these beautiful creatures.

It's a Girl

This one was a true eye-opener for me.
I always knew that gender-cide existed, but never to the extent it's reached today.
Over 200 million girls are missing in the world due to some backwards, traditional thinking in countries like China and India, where, particularly in the more rural areas, women are seen as worthless and too much of an expense for a lot of families.
This documentary digs deep and explains why for some, 'It's a girl' are the three deadliest words in the world.

Jonestown: The life and death of people's temple

A disturbing documentary to say the least, but who wouldn't be curious about a story that started off good, and ended the mass suicide of over 900 people back in 1978.
Jonestown started off as an agricultural project and religious organisation led by Jim Jones, 
A leader so powerful and manipulative, that was able to brainwash a whole community into drinking Cyanide. The documentary features interviews with family members and actual survivors, and a true insight into the horrific events that led to that horrible day.

If it's music that tickles your fancy, then this is a must see!
It follows the lives of two bands, The Dandy Warhols and the Brian Jonestown Massacre, at the peak of their careers, when it was make or break time for them in the music industry.
We see the friendship between the two, and their founders, Anton Newcombe and Courtney Taylor, gradually turning into a rivalry, and of course some erratic rock and roll behaviour and excellent music to top it all off.

Thailands Drug Craze

I have watched a few of Stacey Dooleys BBC3 documentaries. 
She has the voice of an angel and a ladylike mannerism that makes her so easy to watch.
The most interesting one I've seen to date has to be about Thailands Drug Craze. 
A drug called Yaba, which could easily be mistaken for an ecstasy pill by naive tourists, is spreading fast and the effect it has on people is worse than fatal, making them act psychotically and eventually un-responsive. This one is a little close to home with so many of my friends having travelled to Thailand, but definitely worth a watch!

Most of these documentaries are available on Youtube for all you cheapskates like me. 

Have you seen any of the above? What's your take on them?
All recommendations are welcome!


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