Friday, 8 May 2015

Stella Jean Spring 2015

Stella Jean is a new, Italian - Haitian designer on the scene who blew me away when she lit up the runways with a burst of tropical colour in her Spring 2015 collection.
Her culture is very clear in her collections as she mixes easygoing grunge silhouettes with bright, vibrant colours and stunning, eye-catching prints. This eccentric mix and match approach was inspired by her return to Haiti to find inspiration in her mothers birthplace. 

Every last detail is bursting with the designers own style and taste.
A true inspiration to our Summer wardrobes, why not wear your old chequered shirt with a printed maxi or a colourful baggy tee? Summer, in a sense, is a time of freedom. Break out of those Winter blacks and let your true personality shine!

This collection is just... Summer perfection!


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