Friday, 3 July 2015

Haute Couture by Iris Van Herpen

Haute Couture is like porn to me.
I know, I may seem to be getting ahead of myself here, but when I see a structural, over the top, innovative piece of Fashion I get a thrill like no other. I've always had a deep appreciation for art as well as fashion, so when the two are combined I just lose myself. 

Which brings me to this post... showcasing some of my favourite pieces by Iris Van Herpen.
It comes as a shock to me that I haven't mentioned her before on my blog, she's been taking over my Pinterest boards for years, I guess it was just too difficult for me to choose which collection to show you as they're all pretty breathtaking.. So instead of choosing just one here is a mix of my favourite Avant Garde looks by this talented couturier. 

As you can probably tell, Normal rules don't apply here!
Iris is known to blend craftsmanship with innovation and never before seen fabrics and is knows to collaborate with artists and scientists to create these stunning collections. 

What do you think of her work?


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