Friday, 6 November 2015


Well unfortunately my lovely little blog has run it's course.. I've been at it since I was just seventeen.. thats a 5 year journey and I've enjoyed every minute. I'm not just ready to give up blogging yet though and have now launched a new site VIASERENA.NET!

My new blog is highly Fashion based but I'll still be discussing Art and Music every now and then. Expect a lot of Couture, Styling tips and Fashion news.

If you'd like to continue my Fashion blogging journey with me be sure to check out the site here..

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Lastly, thank you so much to all of my lovely followers. You've made this experience so much fun for me and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the interaction and feedback I got. I hope to see all of you ladies over on the new blog.


Friday, 3 July 2015

Haute Couture by Iris Van Herpen

Haute Couture is like porn to me.
I know, I may seem to be getting ahead of myself here, but when I see a structural, over the top, innovative piece of Fashion I get a thrill like no other. I've always had a deep appreciation for art as well as fashion, so when the two are combined I just lose myself. 

Which brings me to this post... showcasing some of my favourite pieces by Iris Van Herpen.
It comes as a shock to me that I haven't mentioned her before on my blog, she's been taking over my Pinterest boards for years, I guess it was just too difficult for me to choose which collection to show you as they're all pretty breathtaking.. So instead of choosing just one here is a mix of my favourite Avant Garde looks by this talented couturier. 

As you can probably tell, Normal rules don't apply here!
Iris is known to blend craftsmanship with innovation and never before seen fabrics and is knows to collaborate with artists and scientists to create these stunning collections. 

What do you think of her work?


Friday, 26 June 2015

Steal her Coachella Style: Rosie Huntington Whitely in Chloe

I am constantly drooling over Rosie Huntington Whitely, the Victoria's secret babe, with an amazing sense of style. 
She's proving great motivation for me to get fit and toned for my holidays and I've already bought a few pieces completely inspired by some of her looks.
She rocked Coachella in a stunning Chloe dress from the Spring 2015 collection, and right when I was about to give up my hunt for an affordable alternative, I came across this stunning dress on Missguided. 

Although it's not exactly the same it shares key qualities like the flirty silhouette, short length and crochet like embellishment on the neckline and waist. 
Why not change things up a little and add a splash of colour by adding a beautiful, bohemian beaded bag and your best sunnies!
Shop the look:
Dress: €53.20
Sunnies: €18 River Island
Handbag: €18 Aldo


Saturday, 13 June 2015

If Disney Princesses Wore Couture... (Part 2)

Yesterday I began this post with a bang and covered some of the classic Disney princesses, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Ariel. If you missed this post you can read it here or simply scroll down.. 

Today I'm continuing with the five newest princesses.. so here's what would happen if these lovely ladies were dressed by our favourite couturiers... 


It's no secret that Jasmine is among the sexiest, and nobody rocks a harem pant like her, but if we were to change things up and dress her in Couture I think this stunning Gold & Aqua Zuhair Murad gown which was showcased in 2007 is the perfect fit!


When she's not kicking ass defending China from the huns I can see Mulan Slipping into this curve hugging oriental gown from Chinese Fashion Week.


This is the dress that inspired this whole post, I was having a creep through Dior's Haute Couture collection designed by John Galliano in 1998. It's one of my favourite collections ever and I instantly recognised the dress above and couldn't help but compare it to the princess and the frog. 


She's left her tower and she's making a statement! If Rapunzel were to strut her stuff in Couture I can definitely see her in this flowing Zuhair Murad gown.


I'm not ashamed to admit that I've watched frozen twice in one day... the newest Disney Princess is super glam already and doesn't need much fixing up, but I can definitely see this ice queen rocking this sparkling Atelier Versace gown.

I'm so sad this post is over, It was so much fun to create!
Which of the above is your favourite?

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Friday, 12 June 2015

If Disney Princesses Wore Couture... (Part 1)

We all have a little Disney princess inside us, and as you've probably noticed on my blog I love designing posts inspired by the ladies. On a recent Couture creep I started to notice how many gowns resembled those of my favourite Disney heroines and with Disney re-creating our favourite animations into live action movies I thought there was no better time for it!
So here's how things would go down if the Disney Princesses were dressed by some of my favourite Couturiers... 

Snow White

No better way to start than with the oldest of the princesses, Snow White. Russian Couturier Ulyana Surgeenko is no stranger to fairytales, using them as inspiration for most of her collections, including the royal blue and mustard piece above which shares uncanny similarities with Snow Whites famous dress.


When Cinderella dusts off the soot and ambers and glams up for the ball I can see her in no other than  Elie Saab. This intricately detailed, beaded, embroidered look is a lovely modern take on Cinderella's dated, overly decorated ball gown. 


Make it pink... The lovely Sleeping Beauty was dressed for the Edwardian Era, but what if she was attending next years Met Gala? This stunning, encrusted gown with a cheeky slit and a ruffled rose detail on the shoulder was a part of Ralph & Russo's Haute Couture collection in 2014. 


I think we all lit up inside when Belle descended from the stairs in that Golden, tiered gown.. and who better to recreate such a statement piece than the late Alexander McQueen?


Sea shell bra's are so last season, If Ariel were to walk the red carpet on her shiny new legs she'd definitely do it in style. This Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gown is from the 2015 collection and features a mermaid silhouette with a classy off the shoulder neckline. 

What do you ladies think of these picks?

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Part 2 coming tomorrow...


Thursday, 4 June 2015

5 Dresses for the Unconventional Wedding Guest

Summer is here, and being part of a huge Italian family, Summer is practically another word for Wedding Time!!!
I adore going to weddings, I've never been to an Irish one but Italian ones involve twelve course meals and a whole lot of Vino, So I can't complain.
Of course my favourite part of any wedding is finding the perfect outfit. It's almost a challenge, trying to translate your own personal style into more of a formal look, and of course you don't want to blend in with the crowd while your at it, and throwing on a horrible fascinator with your brightest dress won't do the trick, so adding a trendy twist is always a nice touch.
Unfortunately for me I will not be attending any weddings this year, so this wish list of five dresses for the unconventional wedding guest is hypothetical for me, but may be of use to you...

When wedding time comes FCUK is always a go to brand. 
I always have a creep through their rails when shopping as some of their pieces could easily be mistaken for Valentino or Dolce & Gabbanna without the designer price tags! If you're not too keen on showing skin this look is modest and let's the vibrant, floral embroidery do the talking. Add some turquoise heels to break up the colour and a small clutch that can be worn in your hand or on your shoulder.
Dress: €345 FCUK
Clutch: €31 Accessorize
Heels: €48 Public Desire

I know, I know you've seen this dress before on the blog.. But I am just OBSESSED! 
I love the cut, I love the shape, I love the detail.. The label Self Portrait which I've already posted about here! are creating avant grade looks and making them accessible to the high street and I just can't get enough of this little red number. Let the dress speak for itself by adding plain nude pumps, a nude clutch, and trade the horrible, dated fascinator for a simple, pretty rose in your hair. 
Dress: £240 Self Portrait
Clutch: €28 Accessorize
Heels: €35 Public Desire

Another brand I'm very fond of is Virgos Lounge, their vintage cut dresses are vibrant and bedazzled with gems and jewels, making them perfect for a stand out look. This hot pink beauty is part of their new range and I love that strappy neckline and cheeky split down the middle. Add some Gold heels, and although they're hard to find, try to go for a plain or gold clutch. I have ordered from Virgo's Lounge before and had to send the dress back as it was swimming on me, so if you're going for anything from their site I recommend ordering a size smaller.
Dress: €215 Virgos Lounge
Clutch: €49 Accessorize
Heels: €73 ASOS


If you're a little more on the edgy side this is the look for you! 
The silhouette and length of the dress are simple and modest but the leather effect adds a punk rock edge. While mosts would probably go for a plain shoe I love the idea of adding a print, particularly snakeskin which compliments the wine colour. 
Dress: €49.95 Zara
Sunglasses: €11 Aldo
Clutch: €32 Aldo
Heels: €41 Public Desire


This dainty little look is a winner for the girly girls out there. The silky little number is both delicate and feminine, While some may doubt the smaller heel I just love it with Vintage looks like this, very Audrey Hepburn. While you might want to keep your jewellery at a minimum so as not to take away from the simplicity of the look, a pair of oversized earrings and a pearl embellished clutch will compliment the dress perfectly.
Dress: €390 Ted Baker
Earrings: €17 Aldo
Clutch: €54 Aldo
Heels: €82 Aldo

I am so fond of all these looks but if I had to choose one It would have to be number 2. I've been stalking that dress both online and in store for months now waiting for a Sale to launch..

Which of these looks would you go for?


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Steal her Summer Style: Rosie Huntington Whitely

You ladies know how I love to re-create celebrity looks, but it always proves difficult when that celebrity is a six foot tall Victoria's secret Angel.
I am obsessed with Rosie's flawless, chic style and lust after most of her outfits, and I've found one that's super simple and easy to pull off. 

Baggy, boyfriend jeans are a must for Summer! People tend to shy away from them as they look quite difficult to style but they're so easy to pull off by adding a feminine touch with some sandal heels and showing a little skin with a crop top as Rosie has done above. If you're not completely comfortable in them why not opt for a high waist pair so that just the mid riff is showing? 
With this combination you have a perfect, simple, Summer look for Barbecue season or shopping with the girls. 

Jeans: €50 Topshop
Crop top: €8
Shoes: €94 Topshop


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