Friday, 12 June 2015

If Disney Princesses Wore Couture... (Part 1)

We all have a little Disney princess inside us, and as you've probably noticed on my blog I love designing posts inspired by the ladies. On a recent Couture creep I started to notice how many gowns resembled those of my favourite Disney heroines and with Disney re-creating our favourite animations into live action movies I thought there was no better time for it!
So here's how things would go down if the Disney Princesses were dressed by some of my favourite Couturiers... 

Snow White

No better way to start than with the oldest of the princesses, Snow White. Russian Couturier Ulyana Surgeenko is no stranger to fairytales, using them as inspiration for most of her collections, including the royal blue and mustard piece above which shares uncanny similarities with Snow Whites famous dress.


When Cinderella dusts off the soot and ambers and glams up for the ball I can see her in no other than  Elie Saab. This intricately detailed, beaded, embroidered look is a lovely modern take on Cinderella's dated, overly decorated ball gown. 


Make it pink... The lovely Sleeping Beauty was dressed for the Edwardian Era, but what if she was attending next years Met Gala? This stunning, encrusted gown with a cheeky slit and a ruffled rose detail on the shoulder was a part of Ralph & Russo's Haute Couture collection in 2014. 


I think we all lit up inside when Belle descended from the stairs in that Golden, tiered gown.. and who better to recreate such a statement piece than the late Alexander McQueen?


Sea shell bra's are so last season, If Ariel were to walk the red carpet on her shiny new legs she'd definitely do it in style. This Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gown is from the 2015 collection and features a mermaid silhouette with a classy off the shoulder neckline. 

What do you ladies think of these picks?

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Part 2 coming tomorrow...


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